A Must Have App For All Women In Danger

My sister in law is visiting and made me aware of an app you can download for free that has the potential to save lives. This is a link to the news article about it. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/10/30/ca-whengeorgiasmiled-idUSnPnLA2PhzY+169+PRN20131030

Dr Phil’s wife Robin McGraw has a foundation for helping victims of domestic and is offering this app that can be downloaded to your cell phone. It appears on your cell as a news app so anyone snooping on your phone will not be alerted to it. You use a prerecorded message or record your own, if you are in danger you only have to activate the program and it automatically calls a number that you have programmed in or it can call 911. Once it makes the call it immediately starts recording everything that is going on to be used later as evidence if needed for court. 

I think it is a great idea and has the potential to save lives. Check it out. 


16 thoughts on “A Must Have App For All Women In Danger

    1. By all means reblog away!! Sss the only thing that crossed my mind was the more it is talked about the more N’s will hear about it. But what can you do? How else do you get it into the women who need it.


      1. You’re right, actually Carrie, it is a valid concern. Though I guess unless this became a major news item (unlikely!) narcs and other abusive types are less likely to hear about it. It would take a stunning amount of self awareness if they were actually researching their own disorder – whereas women who live with these men are hopefully more likely to be online, looking for help. 🙂

        Women who chose to download the app must be confident that their abuser won’t figure out what it is – and not download it if it increases their risk.


        1. SSS, I agree, there are a lot more victims than N’s in these sites but there are a few who lurk around. Either way it is one more tool to be used. After JC and I split friends gave me bear spray and a person alarm. I had it on my key chain for a long time. The alarm was simply a little box that you pulled the pin on and it emitted an ear piercing alarm. I had forgotten about it until just now. I don;t know if they still make them but it sure would get attention if you are out in public and he is harassing you.
          The app icon looks like a news site so it is all but impossible for him to pick up on what it is if he doesn’t know about it.
          I think that women should be able to go to the local police and tell them she is concerned for her safety and if they get a call for domestic violence to take it seriously. So many times the police hear “domestic abuse” calls and don’t take them seriously. At least in Canada we have had several cases where the woman called 911 and the cops took forever to get there or didn’t show up and the woman was murdered. One woman tried for months to tell them her husband was going to kill her and they ignored her and then she was dead. In Canada it is not so easy to get a restraining order, he has to have really hurt you to get one, verbal threats aren’t good enough. Call us when he beats you and we’ll do something, if we have time and in my experience even when they did show up he had talked to them first and by the time they got to me they had an attitude with me. In anything the cops made it worse. I am hoping that in the last 10 years they have become more aware.


  1. Reblogged this on Avalanche of the soul and commented:
    A useful post on a free-to-download app that has the potential to save lives. It looks like a news app, and when activated calls whichever emergency number (911, 999 etc) or contact that you programme into it. You can record your own pre-recorded message and when activated the app records what’s going on as evidence if required.


  2. Thank you for sharing this Ladywithatruck and Teela, it would be an asset to have on a child’s phone as well.


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