Releasing The Hurt

This is an old post from Dec 2012 that might be helpful to someone today

Ladywithatruck's Blog

When we were with the narcissist he intentionally did things to hurt us, perhaps some times he didn’t even know he was hurting us because he is incapable of understanding why we hurt.

Once again that brings us back to NO CONTACT. Every time we have contact with the narcissist we are setting ourselves up to be hurt. Now some of us have no choice because we have children with the N and must be in constant association whether we like it or not. In that case we must let go of any expectation of the ex. If he was capable of changing and dealing with us in a way that wasn’t hurtful we wouldn’t be going through this now. To expect that he has changed somehow and is now going to treat you civilly is unreasonable, you are setting yourself up to be disappointed every time you have an…

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