Raffle Ticket Update

As of this morning we have sold 15 tickets, so we have a way to go yet folks. we need to at least double that to cover my costs. Originally I had hoped to sell 100 tickets, then I thought 50 would even be good I am already down to 30 tickets; LOL if this goes on much longer I will be paying someone to take it!

So far everyone wants the floral bucket. 

I am starting to work on a shovel head for the next raffle but we will have to see how this raffle goes. 

I want to thank the women who have already bought tickets, if we can sell a few more tickets so my costs are covered I will draw a name.

I was going to do up a separate post listing the names of those who had bought tickets but there are only 3 and it seems silly to do up a post for 3 names. if we have a rush on sales I will most definitely make up a post and send the people participating in the raffle the link.

Once again here are the pictures of what is being raffled off. Tickets are $5 a ;piece.  





If you want to take part in the raffle you can make your donation through the donate button to the right hand side of the screen, it will take you directly to PayPal. In Canada we can email money I don’t know if that is worldwide or not but it would be another option for Canadian’s anyway.

Come on everyone, we need a few more people just to make it interesting. Only $5!!

No pressure really! I hate  pressuring people to do anything.

4 thoughts on “Raffle Ticket Update

  1. dia314

    No, no, no! One thing I learned with my Etsy business is, if you are providing a quality product, then you get paid fairly for it. I am going to buy some tickets on payday, first of May. You have real talent. I see thousands of items every week, and have pretty good taste. Keep it up!


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Dia314, LOL you sound just like the woman I sell to in Fort Langley, a local tourist town. I am always hesitant to set a price and she always tells me not to under charge for my stuff. She told me a story about a guy she knew that was an engineer, he charged a lot for his services because he knew his stuff. A company hired a cheaper company to do a job and a short time later there were major problems and the plant was down, production stopped etc. He was called in and charged $10,000 for less than an hour of work. The company asked him how he thought he deserved $10,000 an hour and he just shrugged and said, “You get what you pay for.”
      He got all the work for that company from that day on.
      Moral of the story is, “in all areas of your life………..No your worth and be prepared to walk away if someone else doesn’t, but don’t ever short change yourself” I just came up with that this minute. Not a bad moral for a sight about narcissists. LOL
      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.


  2. Bonnie

    Don’t draw yet, I am going to by some tickets. Dropping the check in the mail today. It will be coming from Maryland, so give it a few days to get there. Take care.



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