Update On Raffle

We have 5 people who have bought tickets for a grand total of 23 tickets which means we are at the 1/2 way mark. wooohooo!!

There are a few people who have said they will be buying tickets this week so hopefully this week we will reach the target number of 50 tickets and I will be able to ship off the prize to the lucky winner.

There is still time to buy your ticket for the raffle, in case you missed it this is what is being raffled off at $5 a ticket. Anyone interested in buying a ticket can pay for it through the donation link at the side which goes through PayPal or they can mail me a cheque. Email transfers also work. 



Thank you to everyone who has already bought tickets! I will be doing up a private post and emailing you the password today.

Good Luck everyone!!

6 thoughts on “Update On Raffle

  1. missouriflower

    I love your paintings and decorating taste Carrie. You have really beautiful art work. Love the bright blowers on the black background. I would if I could, with my situation, regretfully, it’s not possible to buy ticket. I wish the best of luck Carrie. I do find myself worrying about you and wondering how you are. Take care and stay strong! You are awesome Lady!


  2. missouriflower

    Carrie, the thought occurs to me that given your artistic talents, surely some of the home decorating, or home & garden companies would welcome having your talents, and would gladly manufacture your designs to the public. I think you could make a lot of money this way! Just something to consider that given the market there must be out there, the income potential at yoru fingertips is enormous! Good Luck!


  3. valerie

    hi Carrie my name is valerie why don’t you offer art classes to kids and/or adults? summer is coming up and i know i am always looking for smthing fun and creative for my 15 yr old daughter to do. If you were my neighbor or friend i would certainly ask you if you wanted to. I am a single mom divorced from a N for 4 yrs. and still dealing with his sick ways. I don’t have a lot of money but I would and do pay for summer activities. Just a suggestion 🙂
    p.s. I am going to buy a raffle ticket if not this time for sure next 🙂


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Valerie, that is a good idea but I have a VERY small house and in order to make money at it I would have to have quite a few kids. I have run a day care in the past and it was a HUGE amount of work. I used to pay for my son to have summer activities also but most parents are looking for a program where the kids go for the day because the parents are working. I appreciate the confidence in my ability but I don’t see that I have anything to offer as far as lessons go. I have never taken an art lesson in my life, and know nothing about composition what brushes do what etc. It is all just trial and error (that’s why I do most of it on metal, I can wash it off if I don’t like it) I don’t even know how I would teach someone to paint. I Just paint what I see. It’s hard to explain. It’s like playing the guitar by ear and not taking lessons. Some people can just do that, pick up a guitar and play whereas most people need to learn how to read music, take lessons etc. One day I picked up a paint brush and started painting. Always wanted to be able to paint, tried and couldn’t make anything look like the way I saw it and then when JC and I were living in the gravel pit away from civilization, no tV, no Radio nothing… I tried painting and it happened. Gift from God is all I can say



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