Forest Fire

An excellent analogy. A relationship with a narcissist is much like a forest fire (I wish I would have thought of that but I will give credit where credit is due ) leaving a path of destruction behind it, destroying everything that comes in it’s path; but as with a forest fire a rebirth or rejuvenation happens after the devastation. The scars of the fire remain forever but new plants grow, some of them only grow where there has been a forest fire. You could look at the charred remains of once majestic trees and forever morn the lost of the forest or you can appreciate the beauty and life that follows the destruction; it is a choice.

Lessons From the End of a Marriage

Smokey the Bear tells us that only we can prevent forest fires.

But that’s not really true.

I mean we can avoid throwing lit cigarettes on top of dry pine needles and we can faithfully cover our campfires with dirt before retiring for the night. But those measures won’t stop the errant spark from catching a ride on a gust of wind. They won’t redirect the lightening’s path away from the dead wood that riddles a mature forest. Even the professionals, with their fire breaks and controlled burns can’t really stop forest fires. They can only hope to mitigate their damage.

Because forest fires are an inevitable part of nature and nature always has its way.

We tend to focus on the destructive properties of the fire. And certainly, when fire and civilization intersect, the results can be devastating. The loss is apparent in every charred stump, the once verdant forest…

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