The Dating Cess(Pool)

A humorous, but sadly accurate account of meeting a narcissist. But this woman listened to her gut. It never lies!

Life in the Boomer Lane


Life in the Boomer Lane appreciates that there are times in life when it’s tough to be transformational, tough to see the positive in situations, and even tougher to hold ourselves accountable when life doesn’t go as we hoped it would.  Those times often occur with dysfunctional relationships. Sometimes, it’s OK to have our own private tantrum.  To sink into self-pity, to blame others, to stamp our feet and to use bad words.  All that is fine, as long as we don’t wallow in the negative for too long. The goal is to wallow for a very short while,  then shake ourselves off and to start to move forward again.  

We hereby present the following temper tantrum from Sherman Bedford, who can sling it with the best of them, and then recover. 


Dating again after being married for almost three decades is a whole new experience.  I am…

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