Raffle – We Are Ready To Draw A Name!!

One more person bought 4 tickets today but mail which threw us over the needed number to draw a name! I sold 55 tickets in total!! which is absolutely awesome!! I can’t believe it! Thank you to everyone who participated!!

IF you participated and did not get an email to the private post showing the names and how many tickets people bought then please get back to me a.s.a.p. because I have screwed up and I don’t want anyone getting missed. It got a little hard to keep track because the Pay Pal notifications went to 3 different categories in my gmail and I want to make sure I got everyone. at least one person contributed twice I think so I want confirmation I got it right.

If you want to participate you have 3 days left to buy tickets!!

I was going to hold another raffle but as it turns out my phone broke and I no longer have a camera!! Does it ever stop?? If it isn’t one thing it is another!! I am going to miss having a camera, hopefully I will be able to get it fixed soon. 

Big Hugs to everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Raffle – We Are Ready To Draw A Name!!

    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Valerie I did get your money and I put your name down but there was one person who’s email was sent back undeliverable and that didn’t have an email address. I don’t remember which one you were. Your name is down though. if you email me privately I will send you the link and password to the post. you can email me at reinerc@outlook.com



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