More Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo – Really!

Ok this is the continuing saga of Eenie. I will bring you the saga in the form of comments made by the individuals involved and make my notations after each of their comments. If that makes any sense to you at all.

For the sake of brevity I am not going to post all the comments Eenie made, only the most pertinent ones. This was her first comment.

i am in dire and desperate need of help and resuce. i am being held hostage in broken bow, ok by a woman who claimed to be rescuing me from a previous N abusive man only to now 1000% KNOW my life and my dog’s life is in danger. i am all alone in a desolate and remote camper in broken bow, ok – my mother passed away 3 yrs ago – i am from NY – my family has turned their backs on me – i have a life threatening condition due to a subclavian aneurysm (3rd time) and believe my captor has been drugging me in an effort to kill me or commit me. i am suffering from severe PTSD – verbally, physically, mentally, emotionally abused and tortured on a daily basis. my dog is my LIFE and all i have left. i am unable to drive or leave the camper unless it is to take my dog out but have been unable to leave any further out of pure terror and fear for 2 yrs. my captor claimed to be my lover – she is 12 yrs my senior and gaslighted me in the most severe way that now, i am literally trapped. no one i know anywhere – her family is here though – no where to go and afraid for my life. please – if anyone knows of a rescue organization – someone who will help me get out and get to a safe and unknown place – i am begging for help – guidance and just someone to help me plan and execute an escape with some semblance of hope for survival – i am totally broke – and am feeling without a doubt that this is where my short 38 yrs of life will wnd soon if i do not find a hero and shelter…please help me – agoraphobia and hypervigilance is overwhelming me but that is just the bare minimum of my issues, anxiety and hysteria. i hope someone will find me before its too late

I am sure you understand why I was immediately concerned. I have never had anyone make such a desperate plea for help. Ellie and I talked to Eenie and asked for more information and these are some of the comments we got back. 

i am embarrassed and ashamed about all of this – but here is all i can type right now as she is out at the store- i was brought here to broken bow by a man who abuse me whom i met in dallas – i moved there from ny for my once amazing career – he proved to be a N – and abusive to the hightest extent – i lost my mother fromcancer in 2011 and moved with him to florida – all while going thru grief and a 2nd surgery for subclavian artery aneurysms – my father lost his mind after she died – i was by her side – after spending a yr in florida and waitressing to make ends meet, he moved me back here to broken bow, ok which is his home town – the woman who i am with now – is a lesbian and i had been struggling with my sexuality my whole life (i am 38) she is 52 – i had my arressted in flrida (Meenie)which proved to be a huge mistake but upon arriving here in OK, had an emergency protective order issued and ext for 6 mths – she came over and said she saw my dilema and would help me – she had him removed form the home and we ended up forming a bond and a relationship that i thought was true and right and real…she said she wanted to marry me – her family is from here and they seemed suupportive as my family in NY had turned their backs on me …now 2 yrs later – after visiting my home in NY – we returned in feb of this year and are staying in her families 5th wheel – i had applied for SSDI and am currently in my 2nd appeal – i am receiving SNAP and she is totally disabled as well – i have no phone or pc (my father bought me this phone and hers for xmas and is paying the bill) but i have agoraphobia so am unable to leave or drive – i am totally dependent on her which she now uses against me at any and all costs. i have no money – no friends or family and she has turned against me completely. she is so scary and insane that her abuse has escalated not only to verbal, emotional and gaslighting but she beat me for the 2nd time 2 nights ago. this never was suppose to happen. she tells me i will be committed or killed …she is back more to ccome

i have acutally had some peace and quiet for an hour or so now – she is sleeping again- and my puppy and i had some ramen noodles – but i have to climb over her each time i get up even to go to the bathroom so we r trying to be as still as possible…i am afraid bc she is irate each time she gets up telling me she hates me – i am a worthless c**t who has nothing and no one and all she has to do is make 1 call and we will be on the street or worse – my puppy taken away or she will keep him while the police take me and put me in jail or committed and then what? i will die…if she doesnt kill me first…she just rants and berates me non-stop when i dont even say anything…when i try to answer her – i never get ir right…i am beginning to lose hope….i truly thought she loved me and we would be together as she “saved” me from the hellacious nightmare i was in prior to now – unfortunately, that looks like kindergarten to me now…i miss my mom desperately – i know if she were still alive, this would NEVER be happening nor the past…it will be 3 yrs on May 19th since she passed away…Mother’s Day is soon and i feel myself spiraling into the darkness of the rabbit hole i so try to avoid….i am helpless and hopeless…sad and destroyed…hurt beyond words and terrified…why am i here?? there must be more to my life but perhaps not….idk

Unbeknownst to either of us I Googled Eenie’s name and Ellie Googled Meenie’s name. Everything Eenie had said about herself was true, she had lived in NY, her age was right, Ellie found his arrest record for domestic abuse and  emailed it to me. When the picture came up on the screen I involuntarily inhaled, he was one scary looking dude and I said as much in a comment on my post.I did a search on Eenie’s IP numbers and did a street view of the location and everything checked out, right down to the RV park behind the hotel. Ellie and i discussed it and decided that she was telling the truth and it wasn’t some hoax. I promised Eenie I would get help to her, but it was going to take a bit of time seeing as I am in Vancouver Canada.

Eenie was panicked about the local police being called because her captor knew everyone in the town so I had to find a way of getting her help from some other source than the local police. I tried a couple of women’s shelters, one of which responded with a list of numbers for resources all over that area. I emailed a few of them and didn’t hear back. a couple of days had passed and I felt the situation was becoming increasingly dangerous for Eenie so I took the plunge and emailed the FBI through their “TIPS” contact form. I didn’t hear back from them but Eenie made this comment the next day

I got a visit from the FBI………..I have been beaten………help me!

Ellie and I were in shock, she had help right there and refused to leave. There was nothing more I could do from here. I did hear back from the FBI, they said they were there at 9 am, she refused to leave and didn’t appear to be in immediate danger so they left her with a list of phone numbers if she should want help in the future and left.

A day later Eenie commented thanking me very much for my efforts, saying she had told her partner that she was leaving her, which is never a good idea and probably got her another beating. I have not heard a word from her since and I have checked and don’t think she has been in the blog at all either.

About a week later this message appeared on the post about Eenie.

I know Meenie … How can you be helped if offered to leave but did not ? Is this real? Eenie left Broken Bow a few years ago from what Meenie was told

Then this comment appeared

I commented that above (Meenie) this woman Eenie is the estranged wife to my ex boyfriend, who was also my first love at the age of 14, Meenie. Has anyone heard anything else on this? I notified Meenie but he never told me if he followed up… not sure she would want him to after the allegations that were made… I am just wondering if she is ok???

I replied that I had no idea how she was

I checked my stats app again and discovered that in order to find this post about Meenie she was searching Meenie’s name and some other woman’s name. I did a search on this other woman’s name and didn’t come up with much at all but I didn’t try too hard. It just made me wonder why she would be searching on a boyfriend she hasn’t dated since she was 14, these people are in their late 30’s.

Then I got this comment

I am Eenie’s husband. Mo and Eenie took everything I owned . They are con artist and thieves . Mo had preyed on 3 other couples in the area as well. It only took 3 weeks and a lot of drugs to turn Eenie against me,her family,all of her friends. My wife was grieving the loss of her precious mother.She wasn’t in her right mind she ask me to commit her I know now I failed her by thinking she was stronger than she was. Mo sent her over 400 messages a day telling her my family and I were evil. Fraud and larceny is her game. Search me again you’ll find that I wasn’t charged. Yes I was doing my best to look scary its jail. Those two have taken over a $100,000 from Eenie’s loved ones. Mo’s family consist of her elderly parents , school teachers. The trailer is in the middle of 4 hotels and 20 yards from a casino. Please take my name off your site. They have caused me and mine enough grief. …and Eenie please sign the divorce papers!

Just like in a court of law………all the N is interested in is created a reasonable doubt.  Stating that the trailer is between 4 hotels and 20 yards from a casino is one of the open ended comments that allows the person listening the room to fill in their own blanks and assume Eenie is a gambler and liar. In her comments Eenie stated she was behind a hotel and that Mo was going to the casino, she never said anything different.

The comment about “Her precious mother” sounds rather sarcastic or like sour grapes to me……….A little  jealous of the attention she was giving her mother? Unable to relate to her grief so mocking her? Or using he words because he thinks it makes him sound compassionate. Then this is the truly N part, he takes blame for not committing her to a mental institute after she begged him. The part that gave me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach is JC has used those exact words, “I failed her by not……..fill in the blank.  making her face the truth, thinking she was stronger than she was, not putting my foot down…… There are many variations. It is not truly taking blame, it is avoiding responsibility.

Could it be possible that she was grief stricken by her mother’s death and he was so cold and uncaring that she snapped and in an effort to show him how much she was hurting she told him to commit her, if she said it at all! Was she crying out for some compassion? I know when I was with JC and hurt, his coldness amplified my emotions. As if I had to prove to him I was truly hurting or sick because he just didn’t get it. All you want is a hug and they go out of their way to be even colder and more distant than ever and usually punish you for giving your attention to someone other than them.

Also notice how he goes on about how she and Mo have taken advantage of all these other people, as if he cares about these people, and then Mo got Eenie in to drugs and Eenie turned against her family and friends; which came first the chicken or the egg? If you recall in JC’s post he said I “omit anything and everything positive and good that I or anyone has ever done for her, and assign malicious intent to anyone she chooses with NO way for anyone to question her, correct her, or challenge her”. First of all he hated if I ever gave credit to someone who helped me. To be thankful for anyone else in my life was an insult to him. They want it to appear that it isn’t a personal insult to them.

I emailed Meenie stating simply that I had passworded the post so no one could see it or his name and closed by saying no matter what I believe Eenie was in need of help.

I thought that would be the end of it. But NO things got more interesting when the next morning I received an email from Meenie  along with 3 pictures, a blurry picture of Eenie with her head on his chest that he must have taken himself (proof of how loving they were), Eenie looking at him adoringly and him sleeping with Eenie’s dog. Here is the email:

I love Eenie . I can and will help her. Your blog was the first time since the night I was awaken and told to leave. Not one word. I didn’t know if she was alive. We hadn’t even had a argument in months. I never saw it coming. She told some horrible lies to get protection order and unfortunately they have become her truth. So I’m thankful I finally have some closure….an idea of what happened. It almost killed me . Anyways your site is a wonderful resource , I’m sure you help a lot of people. I enclosed some pics of the way I remember it. Thanks

This is a totally different Meenie than the man who commented on the public post. He starts off with “I love Eenie” His last words on the post were “Eenie sign the divorce papers”  Why the sudden change in attitude? He doesn’t want someone to see him say that he loves her? Who? Miney? Why? And they hadn’t had an argument in months? She just up and woke him up in the middle of the night and kicked him out of his house and he never saw her again? Excuse me…..something is missing here. A person doesn’t just turn on you without some warning.

Yes, I know, the narcissist left us at a moment’s notice and we were devastated but come on, if we are honest, we knew things were not rosy , things had been bad for a long time. He is saying he had no indication whatsoever. I find that hard to believe. Like JC coming home and Tina was just gone! And he had no idea why. I call BS! Then for good measure he throws on the charm and flatters me and the blog, because he wants to appear supportive of my efforts and a nice guy.

I was going to let this whole thing go, I don’t have time nor do I really care about Meenie, these people live in Oklahoma, He isn’t abusing Eeenie NOW and I am really only concerned with NOW.

He had been briefly mentioned, it was not about him, but he has made it all about him. THEN this message appeared later that day from Miney

Please don’t assume Meenie isn’t a good person. I have known him 30 years & we’ve shared a strong bond. I found this site by accident. (And btw, Eenie slandered him by using his full name). I’ve seen documents verifying she left him penniless, taking everything and leaving him for a woman. He has struggled with Eenie’s questioning of her sexuality & struggled being thrown out of his home leaving it to his wife & her lesbian lover. He has experienced heart break and humiliation and is not “my Meenie” I used to know & love. By no means am I saying Eenie deserves what Mo is doing to her but she can’t blame Meenie either. From what I understand Eenie is a very intelligent well educated woman who, if was in danger would definitely go with the FBI when given the opportunity.

Are you feeling some sympathy for Meenie yet? Doubting Eenie? By this time I am beginning to wonder why they are so concerned about proving Meenie’s innocence. They knew the post was gone, his name was not anywhere on my blog any more. Just a bit of thou protestith too much.

Not “her Meenie” you mean that Eenie changed him into an angry man with a bad temper? Easy for the N to garner all kinds of sympathy and tell any story he wants when the victim disappears. But wait, he said he never heard from her again, he didn’t know if she was dead or alive. The night they kicked him out of his house was the last time he heard or saw her. So then how did she sign those papers that Miney says prove she got everything. Puzzle pieces are missing here. But he clearly states he had no closure until he read my blog. How can that be?

Then the coupe de gras, this comment arrive a day later from “Uneed2know”

I am here to tell you that it sounds like u are just getting what u probably deserve after surprising the man u took everything from one day to leave with your newfound lesbian lover! You knew especially how much that drumset meant to him but there is something u will never know lady that I do because I was the one who was there for him just as a friend and with him as he lay curled up in depression the night u pulled that shit on him. He tried to stay at his mother’s house but she would not let him rest..He mourned, not the loss of his stuff but the loss of his wife not for just days but months! But the first few days I could only wake him to eat enough to keep the man from starving to death. One day after finally getting out into the light of day, he askd to borrow my car to get cigarettes. After 5 Hours he still hadn’t returned so I called my cousin to come take me to look for him. I didn’t have to go far to find my car…It was parked at the little blue house the two of you once called home.

I could not handle it at this point and I had to do some digging around to see what I could find on this guy. I thought you might be interested what a few hours on the internet can come up with.

By doing a search on the IP numbers of all concerned I am pretty certain Meenie is in San Fransico, Miney is in southern california and Uneed2know is in central USA. I forget which state now.

Googling Meenie’s name was very interesting, this is what I was able to find out, remember this is all through Google search no special applications and no money was spent to get this information.

Meenie’s birthdate July 9, 1971 he is a drummer in a band and a hair stylist

He has been married twice, and lived common law once, interestingly enough he was divorced from his first wife (I know her name and birth date also) in 2001 (I forget the exact date now) and had a child with another much younger woman on Dec 10, 2002. The mother of the child is listed as his common law wife, her birth date is Jul 28, 1980 so there was a nine year age difference.

On May 2nd 2009 there was a bench warrant issued for his arrest near Broken Bow but I don’t know what it was for. In 2011 on June 28th he was arrested for battery against his wife in Florida.

He has lived all over the USA from Arkansas to California to Florida

The one thing that really stands out to me, aside from the abuse charges, bench warrant and three marriages in a matter of 10 years; is that no one makes any mention of his son. In the photos of him and the baby he looks like the beaming proud papa and the woman looks like a scary little girl. But most men, if trying to prove they are a good person would mention that they are a good father, live up to their responsibilities or something. One of these women commenting surely would mention what a good dad he is; if in deed they know he is a dad. The boy would be 12 by now. It just seems strange to me.

The fact that he said, “Of course he was looked scary in his mug shot, he was in jail.” didn’t sit right with me either, usually if a person is pulled in for a violent offense they didn’t commit they try to look innocent not as mean as they can. It is not like there was a big burly guy who wanted to make him his bitch taking his picture.

The fact that this girlfriend from when they were 14 still has a crush on him is strange also, unless he has kept her on the hook all these years and used her in triangulation with his various women, his secondary supply, the “sure thing”. But N’s like to “collect” ex’s as back up and to be used for triangulation, the odd piece of tail, or idolization when the current supply isn’t dishing it out. Plus human nature kicks in and these ex’s start vying for position of “best friend” And then the last commenter made sure to stress “as a friend” she was there for him, which leads me to believe there was some doubt as to whether he was faithful or not. Most true friends wouldn’t even think to say that, not unless they knew the person they were talking to suspected something more. Like I said earlier, I don’t for a minute believe he was totally shocked at the turn of events.

I know that with JC, he simply refused to leave, it was my house, I told him it was over, I put his stuff outside and he totally ignored me and refused to leave. If I locked the doors he would break in, I didn’t want to involve the police but when out of total frustration I called and asked that he be removed I was told they couldn’t do anything unless he physically abused me, and not in the past either, it had to be current. My only option was to evict him which meant giving him ten days notice and hiring the sheriff to serve him with papers.

The reference to the drum set, I can see Eenie taking out her anger on his property. I used to feel it was the only thing JC cared about,  he had told me that all his ex’s had destroyed his stuff or stolen it. I could understand why but I was going to be better than them, I was not going to stoop to that level. I did it once ( I sold my computer that he had taken ownership of, so really I did nothing wrong but felt guilty for it and heard about it forever more) I only ever took back what he had taken from me and I was called a thief.

And was he sitting at the little blue house waiting for her to come home so he could rage at her or was he there because he was so heart broken?

I feel sorry for Eenie, she trusted the wrong person to get her out of a bad situation and ended up in a worse place. That is the thing when a victim is so beaten down, they can’t stand up to the N themselves and are so beaten down and lacking in self confidence that they will trust the wrong person and end up with another narcissist. That is why it is so important that victims are given lots of support and understanding and they have to take the time to heal totally before getting involved with anyone. Mo must have gotten tremendous supply from taking a man’s wife away and now be abusing her herself. How sadistic and evil. I pray Eenie finds a way out, Lord only knows that if she accepted help from Meenie it would be a bad thing.

Hey, I could be totally wrong! but I wouldn’t touch this guy with a ten foot pole and can see red flags all over the place. How about you?

14 thoughts on “More Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo – Really!

  1. ellie2013

    Great Job, Carrie!

    What really hits me about this is the ex gf’s search. IF she searched the name and found her way here, she HAD to have found ALL the things you found re past relationships, children bench warrants etc. Those things obviously were not of any importance, just the fact that the enstranged wife had surfaced somewhere and damnit was maligning the obvious love of her life! It is NOT slander if the facts are true and just being repeated and the arrest record stands for itself. It just goes to show how GOOD n’s are at working their magic and how reality even when you hear and see it carries no importance.

    Appears to me that she wanted to ‘stake’ her claim, she was the first gf (14!) and obviously she has kept tabs on him , searched him out,, protected his good (?) name, Maybe someday he will throw her a few more crumbs huh? Lots of years wasted chasing an impossible “dream” if you ask me………..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kathy

    I agree Ellie with what you said about the ex gf. This is so convoluted I can hardly keep track of it! 🙂 You and Carrie have more experience with the N and are better at unraveling things than I am, but I am getting there..

    What Carrie has said does go along with the lines of everything she has said in the past about the behavior of the N and all parties involved.. Scary stuff and I keep educating myself so that I can identity(not understand!) the behavior and never be taken in again. I agree, this Miny is pitiful and Eenie is in a bad spot. And you’ll are quite the detectives:)

    Just goes to show how dangerous the N’s are on sooo many levels and to so many people involved.. Just about everyone in their path.. They are their own Destructo Unit!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ellie2013

      Well, thank you Kathy! I think LOL Google has over time become one of my very good friends! And in true “google” style it has come to my attention that Miney is playing his drums May 24th in none other than * drum roll, please ‘ how appropriate 😉 Broken Bow, OK! Amazing coincidence, isn’t it, for someone who had absolutely no clue if Eenie was alive or dead. Hmmmmmmmmmm All I can say is that Meeny better be booking her flight there asap or she just may miss out on something she desperately wants to be in the middle of. And the band plays on………………….

      i know this appears to be posted in fun but actually it is a warning for Eenie in case she reads this.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Carrie Reimer Post author

        Ellie, I missed that! OMG, this is better than reality TV!! And we will never know what happens. I can’t believe it! that is almost spooky. Maybe Mo has whisked them out of there by now.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Constance

    Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if they put as much effort into being a decent human being (or even simply a human) as they do in their on going quest to harass and destroy targets?? *sigh* I wish that any of this surprised me, but alas, none of it does anymore.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Constance, I used to say that to JC all the time. “If you put 1/2 the effort you put into the lying and sneaking and put it into us and our relationship I would be so happy and content, you would think you died and went to heaven>” When he used to say the reason he screwed around was because I was always so unhappy. But they don’t want to be happy. Instead of enjoying his wonderful life with his new woman he is plotting to destroy me. They always make out to be happy carefree people and they are the most miserable bitter vindictive people on earth.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Carrie Reimer Post author

    from my experience with JC if all N’s are alike they like to look like the night in shining armor come to rescue the fair princess. it give them great ns. everyone thinks they are such a nice guy. Especially after what she did to him. She would pay a heavy price though. It all seemed so familiar and a person does start to doubt what the victim is saying because the N seems so sincere. But he is textbook, the moving around, JC has called more places home than anyone I have ever known, always moving where he doesn’t know anyone who will blow his cover. Fresh targets that he can manipulate and won”t fill in the new target.
    If a person doesn’t find anything on the net it does not mean the guy is safe but the internet sure can be a safety measure when you start dating someone. Thanks for everyone’s comments. Ellie, thanks for your help!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. kansastec

    I wanted to tell you how much that I enjoy your blog. It has kept me sane. 30 years of marriage and now a divorce.


    “The air of heaven is that which blows between the ears of a horse.” – Arabian proverb.v

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      kansastec, thank you so much for taking the time to tell me my blog has helped. It makes my day when I hear that!!
      Blessings to you, 30 years! wow. ^5 for getting out.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Jill! I am so sorry I totally missed this comment when it came in. It was while searching for something totally unrelated I came across it. I do not have the internet right now and have to hook up to free wifi when possible so am on the site very little actually.
      I think of you often though and wonder how you are and if you got away or not. Please, if you are out there let us know how you are doing. I DO still care, very much.



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