Ex-attorney for county linked with forged wills (NC)

Consumed with our own pain we sometimes forget the battles others face. This woman is unfaltering in her quest to get justice for her son. Her strength amazes me. There are a lot of amazing strong women out there speaking the truth and refusing to be silenced.
We must all speak the truth and loudly until justice is served. Don’t ever doubt the power and determination of a strong woman.


Ex-attorney for county linked with forged wills (NC).

LUMBERTON — A Superior Court judge this week ruled that two wills naming former Robeson County Attorney Hal Kinlaw as executor were forgeries.

Judge Mary Ann Tally, during a hearing in Robeson County Superior Court, ruled in favor of petitions submitted by Jessie McFadyen Tolar, of Red Springs, requesting that the wills of her mother, Louise B. McFadyen, and father, Robert Lewis McFayden, be “removed and set aside” and authentic wills be substituted in their place.

The Robesonian has been told that Kinlaw as well as his late father had business relationships for many years with Lewis McFayden. According to the petition filed by Tolar, Kinlaw resigned as executor of both of her late parents wills on March 26, 2013.

The petition to the court said that on the same day Kinlaw resigned as executor of the estates, Tolar was appointed…

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