A Resource For Men In An Abusive Relationship


The above link is to a site dedicated to men in an abusive relationship. I know the focus here is usually on the women who are being abused, only because that is the majority of the people who come here but I certainly know that men are abused also.

I took a quick peekaboo at this site and it seems like an excellent resource for men, honest and realistic. It give a safety plan for leaving, what to expect when you leave and how to deal with your abuser.

Hugs to all the men out there dealing with a narcissistic woman, I hope this is helpful.

8 thoughts on “A Resource For Men In An Abusive Relationship

    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Phil, there aren’t that many resources for men as you know, when I stumbled across it I thought of you. It looks like a good comprehensive site. Happy to pass it along.


  1. reclaimedfreedom

    Reblogged this on Reclaimed Freedom and commented:
    So true. Men are often misunderstood where abuse is concerned. It’s as though it cannot happen to men. But it does! Statistically not so many men are abused as women; but it is real and happens daily. Don’t ignore this.



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