“Dear” by Patricia Ferland Weltin

Love. Life. OM. Blog

by Patricia Ferland Weltin

Dear Heartbreaker
Dear Money Taker
Dear Family Court Faker

I’m still here!

Dear Soul Sucker
Dear Other Woman Fucker
Dear Every Rule Bucker

I’m still here!

Dear Dead Beat Dad
Dear Need the Latest Fad
Dear Think it’s Cool to Be Bad

I’m still here!

Dear Child User
Dear Legal System Abuser
Dear Too Many Women Chooser

I’m still here!

Dear Effortless Liar
Dear Relentless Denier
Dear Crocodile Crier

I’m still here!

Dear Identity Stealer
Dear Mind Game Dealer
Dear Pretend to Be Healer

I’m still here!

Dear Creator of Confusion
Dear Master of Illusion
Dear Reality is Delusion

I’m still here!

Dear Master of Submit
Dear Force Feeder of Shit
Dear A Dozen Ways to Get Lit

I’m still here!

Dear User of Force
Dear Creator of Loss
Dear Raper and Boss

I’m still here
and it’s important you know Dear
YOU can’t make…

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