Very simple, but so very true. My eyes filled with tears reading it. I always believed there was good in everyone. I used to try to make JC understand that his life would be fuller, happier, and less drama filled if he would just operate with honesty, integrity and kindness towards others. It was very hard to accept it was beyond his ability.

Madeline Scribes

In many respects, the world has become more cruel and thoughtless as years have gone by. As much as some of us pray for compassion, empathy and understanding, there is that growing segment of population with a mercenary view of life. They tear everything and everyone apart, all for the sake of what they want, or need. They destroy families, dreams and futures of their fellow man and think nothing of it…as long as it serves them.
I truly do not get it.
I have always been a proponent of my fellow man and believe in my heart that no one is disposable, but as I sit here feeling disposable myself, that hope, that love I have for people, slowly dims each day.
True happiness comes from within, not from the outside. I am grateful I have always had that light burning brightly in my heart. To the disenfranchised and…

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