If it’s Abuse, it’s Abuse

this video didn’t surprise me, there are so many misconceptions surrounding domestic violence against men and women. Unfortunately I don’t think the first scenerio plays out like that 90% of the time either. I know a woman who was dragged down the street in downtown Vanc and no one stepped in. One time JC was slapping me around while driving and a car with a couple of guys cut us off and threatened him. The only other people that ever stepped in were both women. None the less the video has a good message.

The Narcissist's Son

I found this video today and I think it’s a great example of how female abuse of men is tolerated and even laughed at because “he probably deserved it” while a man abusing a woman is cause for concern.

Please excuse  the graphic language.

I remember one time I was in line at the local department store.  I was behind a young couple in their early 20’s.  As I was standing there, I could tell the couple were in a small disagreement.  Suddenly the woman reaches up and shoves the man, who wasn’t very big, and he crashed into the candy displays in the checkout line nearly falling to the ground.  No one batted an eye, not even myself.  The man managed to stable himself and stood back up and no one seemed to care.  Had the situation been reversed, and the man had pushed the woman into the candy…

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2 thoughts on “If it’s Abuse, it’s Abuse

  1. Stephen Bach

    Hi Carrie,

    I agree, abuse is overlooked in many many situations. I think there is a societal definition of abuse, and what constitutes abuse is defined by societal norms. What is defined by society as abuse in the US or Canada may not be the same as what is defined as abuse by society in China or Saudi Arabia. Furthermore what is defined as abuse in Chicago, Illinois may not be the same as what is defined as abuse in Bismarck, South Dakota. This video was made in the UK by a group that is trying to raise awareness of female on male abuse, so they have a definite motive with the video.

    As you say, none the less, it does provide a good message that abuse is abuse, no matter who the perpetrators and victims are.

    Stephen Bach


  2. My Inner Chick

    Absolutely, a double standard.
    If I observed this interaction, to be completely honest, I would have assumed the man said or did something to this woman beforehand. I probably would have asked the woman if she needed assistance….because MANY more women are violently abused than men.
    Great eye-opener, Carrie.



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