How The Trauma of Narcissistic Abuse Changes Our World Views

Standing up and applauding!! Well said! exactly!

After Narcissistic Abuse


The word  “Trauma” is derived from the Greek term meaning “wound.” When targets encounter relationships with narcissists, what takes place is a human wound & trauma. When a person is wounded, there requires a time of healing; however scarring is often a result.

During times of psychic trauma, our belief that we are invulnerable to harm becomes shattered. Our defense mechanisms break down and we suddenly can’t function the way we used to. We begin to feel inadequate for not having the ability to process the trauma in a short time. Subsequent emotional arousal can reawaken the narc abuse experience that we feel the emotions all over again and realize that there’s an ongoing attack on those defense mechanisms; we’re attacked both within and without. The trauma of narcissistic abuse collapses our worldview and assumptions about life in one full blow.

Our assumptions about how we think life should operate…

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6 thoughts on “How The Trauma of Narcissistic Abuse Changes Our World Views

    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Dia314, I finally got around to reading that article and disagree with a lot of what they said, they really don’t seem to be that knowledgeable and are just picking things from various articles they read. For one thing all psychopath’s ARE narcissists, but not all narcissist are psychopaths, they should know that. Another thing is the narcissist are not fear based, JC had an unhealthy lack of fear, most of them are thrill seekers because they need to be breaking the rules and taking chances in order to feel alive because they do not feel things as strongly as other people.
      They lead a person to think there is some help for a narcissist if they would just admit they have a problem which is totally untrue, in fact; when a narcissist does go to counseling they usually come back better armed to destroy their victim, they use the experience to gain insight into how a normal mind works so they can manipulate others more easily.
      Scans show that their brains are physically difference than a normal brain, upbringing can affect the narcissist’s behavior only to the extent of how obvious they are. A narcissist abused as a child may be much more violent as an adult or a N raised in a high class proper family will have better manners and be able to function in high society and use those skills to go undetected. A narcissist raised in a religious home will use religion to manipulate others, so it may seem they are not a narcissist or they may go undetected longer, but a narcissist is a narcissist and upbringing does not make them that way. If upbringing could be blamed for them being the way they are then it stands to reason they should be able to be fixed and there is no evidence of ever fixing a narcissist.
      Hugs back at you D >3

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      1. Dia314

        I thought the EXACT same thing you did, Carrie. I just wanted you to read it, and hear your opinion before I tipped my hand on what I thought. I was a bit shocked that they hadn’t done their research any better. I read that online paper quite a bit. It’s a shame to see “misinformation” printed in what I usually consider a pretty reputable news source. Thanks for taking the time to read it! 🙂


        1. Carrie Reimer Post author

          Oh good! I was wondering if you thought it was an informative and accurate because it was so contrary to everything I have written here. Whew!!! LOL
          I should write a rebuttal, maybe I will.


          1. dia314i

            I really think you should, Carrie. I thought about it, then decided to show it to you. I think there is a place to write them if you find errors in their stories. I believe it is at the end of the article. Give ’em hell, Carrie ! 😉



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