Regaining Your Intuition After Sociopath Abuse

Another great post on being patient with ourselves and (there seems to be a theme today) Paula speaks the truth. All we ever had to do and all we have to do in the future to avoid becoming the victim of abuse is to listen to our gut and live a life guided by our natural instinct and moral code. As long as we remain true to our core beliefs and not compromise our boundaries we will be ok. Not just ok……….. we will flourish and grow, confident and at peace.

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20140623-111812.jpgThe sociopath’s goal is to isolate us in two ways: 1.) physically from our support system and 2.) spiritually from our moral code and beliefs.

We can look back and easily recognize how the sociopath physically isolated us. It’s not as easy to understand how we became so detached from our moral code.

Our moral code speaks directly to our intuition. They work in tandem. We establish our truths based on our moral code. Our intuition is designed to apply our inner, moral code to the outside world…to people and situations.

Our Intuition is the gut feeling we get about someone or some situation. One of the reasons we became detached from our moral code which led to getting lost in cognitive dissonance and the sociopath abuse is that we didn’t trust our gut…our intuition.

We told our gut that it was being unfair and unreasonable and too judgmental…

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2 thoughts on “Regaining Your Intuition After Sociopath Abuse

  1. Vanessa

    This is why we all find it so hard I believe, We get on with our own lives, we work hard to come back from the emotional, physological and financial damage. We work hard through it all, in the mean time, they call, they text, they e-mail. In my situation I had my tooth punched through my upper lip. I had a knive at me, I was suffocated to just beyond expiring. Shouldn’t that be enough. Then they leave you messages about soul mate, i will marry you etc, you probably have heard it. I’m still on my own but stupidly i listened and read the texts. Then they go quiet, they leave you with it. I’m short of booking myself in for narcissistic rehabilitation, in fact I think there should be one available. i will not go back and will never go back with him but tonight I have hit rock bottom again. I listened to it for a second and that’s all it takes to slide back. Silly me. I’m in some sort of pain that no one could ever understand let alone myself. It just doesn’t make sense. They keep coming at you – it is crazy and tonight I feel a bit crazy. I have to believe one day my life will be better. Hopefully. I need to get him completely lost, but it’s so hard to get rid of him. I’ll get there, after writing this I’m finding some anger. I’m so over this nightmare. This is why sites exist for narcissistic abuse it defies all of normality it sends normal people crazy! I have let myself down for a moment. Take it from me block, block, block. Nothing they have to offer is what you need or want x


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Vanessa, I have been where you are and I know what you are going through. I would reach for the phone or go to respond to an email and ask myself, “Why are you doing this to yourself?” I would know that it was only going to end up with me hurt again but I would respond to his text or whatever and the wounds would be reopened and I would be miserable again.
      Eventually I got to the point where I got sick of hurting and I stopped.
      Sure it was hard but it was the only way I could stop hurting. Every single time I talked to him, read an email or saw him he found a way of rubbing salt in the wounds. Every single time he text messaged me and I would respond he wouldn’t respond back and I would kick myself.
      Forgive yourself for falling for it again and promise yourself “No more”
      It is normal to want to erase all the horrific things the N did to us and the only way we can see to do that is for him to be nice, apologize or something!! anything! to make it ok again. But it is done, it happened and as much as it is awful and we hate that those things happened to us we have to accept it and more on. We were abused, nothing is ever going to change that, it is part of our past, we have to own it. It does not have to destroy us, we are here, we are alive and we have the power to never be abused again. Our inability to accept that we were abused keeps us victims. The minute we accept that the abuse happened and we survived it we become survivors; no longer a victim, and we stop acting like a victim.
      If that makes any sense at all. Sometimes I am not sure if I find the right words to express what I am trying to say. 🙂



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