Why do you still love him (or her)?

There are some new people to the blog that can use this post, it is the truth whether you like it or not. The narcissist does not have a ” sweet side” that only you are privy to, it was all an act. I know, I know, you are sure it was love, how could anyone fake feelings like that? Only a narcissist can, and they do, all the time.

Grace for my Heart

It’s Narcissist Friday!

 In several of the recent comments I read words to the effect that the writer still loved the narcissist.  Few people will understand how a victim can continue to love the one who caused so much confusion and pain.  Family and friends think you are foolish to allow him or her into your life again.  And, actually, you have trouble explaining it yourself.

Will it help for you to hear that this is quite normal?   Continued positive feelings are part of the relationship, in spite of the suffering.


Narcissists are parasites.  They feed off the attention and kindness and love of others.  But it is even deeper than that.  They feed off the life of others.  After a while, the narcissist needs new life and new energy.  No matter how fawning and submissive Victim #1 has been or still is, Victim #2 is fresh and provides…

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