Dating Red Flags

For those of you who say you will never date again and for those who want to date……oh hey! that means everyone!! 🙂 from my our friend Stephen.

The Narcissist's Son

Annmarie, Carrie, Pam, Barb, Jill, Julie, Mary, Lisa, Michelle, Alyce, Brenda, Melissa, Cheryl, Gail, Toni and Shelley.

The above is a list of the women with whom I have been on at least one date in the past 12 months.  My goal with presenting this list is not to try and gain praise for my prowess in attracting a date, but as means to show what red flags I have spotted while dating.  I currently am not dating anyone and have decided to take an indefinite break from the dating scene.

It is my belief that spotting red flags is is a major aspect of learning to heal, to learning to trust our gut instincts and act on them.

Below are some examples of how I’ve spotted red flags when I’ve been dating:

I dated a woman for about 8 weeks last Aug / Sept who was terribly codependent. Both her mother and father could…

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