Why Doesn’t the Narcissist Move On?

amen to this! I have said it myself many times but it always bears repeating.

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

man with flowers

Have you been ruminating on this question for months? Mistaking the Narcissist’s repeated reappearances for love or caring; forgiving your disordered partner for “being human”…the old “broken wing” rescue and restore mission?

There’s something wrong with this person and I’m going to do my best to fix them and our relationship. Once they finally realize how caring and forgiving I am, they’ll stop this back and forth and we’ll finally experience true love”.

In my last post, 7 Things Your Narcissist Won’t Tell You, I explain why the Narcissist keeps coming back. The question isn’t really why the Narcissist can’t move on. It becomes “Why can’t you move on?”

Let’s examine some of the reasons a Narcissist leaves, only to come back:

• They were unfaithful and you found out, or they openly admitted to an affair and left, saying they were in love with someone else…

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