Like A Boomerang They Always Come Back

This is a really old post from all the way back to Nov 2011. How has that much time gone by already?? Unreal! Anyway, this was really early in the blog, about a year after JC and I split. We hadn’t talked in months and he showed up where I dropped off my scrap. I had two faithful followers back then who gave great advice so make sure you read the comments.
I thought some people struggling with no contact or who recently had the N come full of regret and apologies and now are full of self doubt might find it interesting. It also shows how much pain I was in, I certainly have not always been this self assured or know what to do. I learned by trial and error and that is why I share my experiences, I want to save someone else from making the same mistakes I made and wasting any more time on a lost cause.
It was interesting for me to read it, so much has happened since then, I have really come so far. You will too!! It may feel like you will never be whole again, will never laugh and be happy again but I guarantee you; you will!!

Ladywithatruck's Blog

It came yesterday…… the day he came back professing his love.

I have wondered what I would do, envisioned just pretending I didn’t see him, telling him to fuck off, telling him to kiss my ass but I didn’t do any of those things.

Amix is open until noon on Saturdays and JC knows I always come flying through the gates at quarter to 12. I had a feeling all the way down there that I was going to see him; I kept looking at trucks with flat decks. You see I know he got a flat deck right after we split and I haven’t known what he is driving, her Pilot, the Regal or his new truck or God knows; he could have gotten something totally different. I didn’t see him and once I got into Amix it was so busy I really didn’t have time to look. I…

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