Excellent Huffington Post Article on Sexual Harassment


5 thoughts on “Excellent Huffington Post Article on Sexual Harassment

  1. bamboozled1

    gosh, even i wasnt aware of some of these things, i mean, i knew they made me uncomfortable, i just wasnt sure why… excellent post indeed. sanks!


  2. safirefalcon

    I had to stop reading the comments after the article. It seems that since woman gets angry about harassment, she automatically is a man hater. Ugh! The misogyny makes me sick.

    I recently had a guy ask me on Facebook what my relationship status was because I made a comment to him about something he posted. He jumped to a conclusion I was interested and then requested my relationship status.

    I hated that. It felt intrusive and I immediately felt uncomfortable. My thoughts on it included questions like, “Why do men think just because a woman they find attractive is single, the woman MUST want to be with him? And it actually seems logical in the man’s mind.

    Even worse I know women that think this way too. When my affair ended, I had a friend I confided in and she seemed to think I needed to have a sexual relationship with someone.

    Back to the dude on FB… I didn’t want to lie. But I told him I am in a relationship because I knew it would be easier than to have to ‘be a bitch’ and just tell him point blank. I am not interested. PERIOD!

    Of course I don’t have to be a bitch and just tell an guy the truth, but the odds of him taking no for an answer without me being with someone are rather slim…speaking from experience.

    Another guy on FB for a little while wouldn’t take no for an answer at first. And I started to feel angry but I didn’t want to get nasty. Why, I don’t know. These guys don’t seem to give a shit about how I’m feeling when they do this. But I still want to be mindful of THEIR feelings.

    Anyway, he backed off after I’d decided on what I was going to say in addition to unfriending him if he didn’t stop.

    And these are only two examples. I’ve got lots more.

    Thanks for sharing this. It has pointed out some other things I wasn’t clear on too.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Safire Falcon, I know what you mean about guys not taking no for an answer. That “friend” that lent me the hell hole of a trailer to live was married and I was friends with his wife. James and I were friends with both of them and then after James and I split it was like I was fair game, he was still married. I kept saying “No you are married.” “No I am friends with your wife.” “Why don’t you put this much effort into your wife?” He knew I had nowhere else to go and he would say he had to take the trailer out of town to a job and if ZI didn’t have any where to go I could come along. There were so many reasons why it was not going to happen i just got sick of the whole mess. I, like you, didn’t want to hurt his feelings and tried to be nice about it but By the time I moved out I was spitting nails mad and he asked me why I hadn’t called him or dropped by. I let him have it and told him I thought he was the lowest scum for trying to take advantage of me when I was vulnerable and I never wanted to talk to him again. THEN he wanted to charge me for using the trailer!
      I hear him and James are buddies again, good. They both can rot in hell for all I care.
      I can’t believe some men, they think they are God’s gift to women and they don’t even shower.



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