Blog Awards Extravaganza!

An Upturned Soul

“…winning awards is cool. Aside from the warm fuzzy, it creates publicity, and that helps spread the word…” ― Patrick Rothfuss



Hello and welcome


my blog awards extravaganza!



When I first created my WordPress blog…

I wasn’t sure about what I was doing. That is the how and why of my doing on a regular basis. I never really know why I’m doing what I do… I’ve learned over the years to just keep going and doing.

I like to question myself, but sometimes it is necessary to question the questioning itself. As in – Question everything… including the wisdom of questioning everything.

Sometimes, it is better not to question… But when are those sometimes…?

When I first created my WordPress blog, out of the blue I received a blog award nomination which inspired me to keep blogging… not that I had any…

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