How To Know It’s Time To Move On

Another good article passed along to me by my friend Fannie.
Here’s the link.

5 thoughts on “How To Know It’s Time To Move On

    1. lisa51

      That’s what happened to me .. I developed a trauma bond … was off an on for 4 years .. of course I didn’t know what I was dealing with for awhile, and couldn’t believe it. Didn’t want to believe it. Kept lying to myself … I still have to stop myself from doing that. Only way to remain no contact for me …

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  1. ellie2013

    The final entry should be:

    “When you end up on LadywithAtrucks Blog”

    There has NEVER been since have been reading/visiting/ posting here ( it will be 2 years in November) not one story when told that I have felt ” gee that person should try and work it out w/ their spouse. significant other, he/ she sounds like a real nice guy/ girl ” NOT ONE. By the time a person finds their way here they have already had significant trauma, enough to start googling it.

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      1. ellie2013

        I admire you for that aspiration, Carrie. It is something much needed. I will give you an example of something that happened just this past weekend in my household.

        The granddaughter , like all little girls, has a very best friend. And of course in this age of technology they all have phones, mostly for safety sake, with schools being not the safest place anymore. Well, w/ the phones comes exposure to social media, they all seem to have tumblr accounts , not FB. Well, to get to the short of it, a little boy posted something very hurtful and mean to my gd’s b/f. The other little girl called my gd sobbing. Sobbing! Well, my granddaughter, I guess cuz I am never one to mince words these days 🙂 Posted back to him telling him he was just a horrible person and that no one has the right to say things like that to someone else, whether spoken or posted. Next thing you know, the phone is ringing and it is the very best friend. She is NOW screaming at my GD lol ” How could you say that to him?” “Now he will not like me anymore” “If he won’t talk to me it will be your fault!” WHAT?!? HUH?!? The little girl has her feelings hurt so bad she is sobbing but she is afraid the person that hurt her like that won’t talk to her anymore? And so it begins………. or has already begun in our young girls. My GD took it all in stride, shrugged her shoulders and told her bff ” He is a horrible person and deserved what I wrote”. I asked her if she was ok, since now the bf won;t talk to her. She’s fine 🙂 Says she will get over it ( the bf )….or not. Said she can not make ppl like her, either they do or don’t but it’s not going to effect what she thinks or what she says. I was proud……… 🙂

        I think this blog will be here for a very long time and there is another generation coming up in the ranks, Carrie. You and this place will be very much needed. BTW, my GD reads what I post Carrie and what you write. I didn’t know that. As I am typing or reading posts with her next to me she is reading them. I think it is a good thing. I thing some things are taking root.

        I would like to suggest a page for the young on here. The teens and the pre teens. Perhaps an opening, you explaining about N’s, P’s, S’s. How that act, what to expect. Articles on self esteem. Things like that. It could be a beginning 🙂



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