The Debauch – Waters of Delusion, Clouds of Intoxication…

I love this! had to reblog this post from Upturned soul (I love her blog name also)

An Upturned Soul



There are things which I used to do,

which I no longer do.


And there are things which I do now,

which I did not used to do.


Have I changed?


You could call what has happened… change,





simply the opening of eyes,

the waking from a dream,

a nightmare.


The skies are clearing,

the clouds of intoxication are disappearing,

my feet are on firm land,

and I’m drying off after a swim in the waters of delusion.


I thought I would suffocate breathing such thick and poisonous fumes…

I thought I would drown drinking in such heavy and turbulent liquid…


It went to my head,

filled it with bubbles,

which burst…

But when these bubbles explode they cover everything with sickly sweet.


The clouds of intoxication did not come from drugs,

the waters of delusion were…

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