A Little Levity On A Sunny Sunday

A post showed up yesterday and then disappeared as quickly. WordPress has been screwing up lately, it could not possibly be me! but really WordPress won’t let me save a draft any more, it automatically posts it, even if it is not finished so I have to post it and then go back in and change it to a draft. So those of you who get email notification would have clicked on the link and there would have been nothing there.

I was having a bad day yesterday and probably won’t be finishing that post, it was a rant and that is why I wanted to keep it has a draft while I thought about it.

From this day forward my ex will be referred to as WOSPOS (waste of skin piece of shit).

Here are a few quotes, cartoons and truths.


lack of respect

level headed


hesaid she did





stormyou do to metry to give a fuck

save yourottenecard_forgiving-narcissist


personality lookpig




6 thoughts on “A Little Levity On A Sunny Sunday

  1. ellie2013

    Omg Carrie!!! WOSPOS!!!!! It is perfect! Let him OWN that! Let him embrace it! For truly that is what IT is! From this day forward when IT dares to read here IT will KNOWN exactly how IT is defined. Love you girl and love this!

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    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Ellie HUGS thank you!! and thank you for your words of wisdom this weekend. I am all good again. went out with my friend and had some drinks and laughs and thought, “God this feels so good”.
      Love and hugs


  2. Army of Angels

    WOSPOS! Good…..I just refer to mine as “the dad”….he deserves a much clearer title, like yours. I did notice your unfinished blog post-you removed it almost as soon as it went up. Just love it when programmers make little changes-just enough to confuse us….suppose they lack a little empathy?


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      army of Angels, Yeah I have had it happen before and it is a real piss off. I click to make it a draft and then it says Congrats you just made you whatever number post!! so I then I scramble to get it down before anyone reads it because there are spelling mistakes and my thoughts are scattererd or maybe I don’t know if I want to post it. They keep making “improvements” that aren’t. Oh well.
      Thank you I like his new name too. I wish I would have thought of it sooner. It kinda rolls off the tongue and makes me smile.


  3. O.

    LOL! Thanks for posting these insightful memes. It felt good to laugh about what has happened to me. Nice when tragedy gets balanced by some comedy.



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