The Cure For Narcissism Found Right Here In BC!


They found a cure for narcissism?? really?? Well, actually…………………

No, …..that is a lie, ………………………….. but it IS what the WOSPOS (waste of skin piece of shit) wants everyone to believe. In fact he would have you believe that I cause a man to have traits similar to narcissism because I am a crazy psycho bitch that drove him to act the way he did. I am the Eboli carrier of narcissism.

But thank God for his new woman, because she had the cure and his whole life has changed. and well………………..

That’s a lie too.

But whether it is a lie or not is of little consequence as long as you don’t say it is a lie and as long as you don’t expose the lie, then it becomes the truth. According to the WOSPOS she is, well………I’ll just come right out and say it…….the woman is up for sainthood, right up there with Mother Teresa. But that makes sense because you would have to have a direct line to God to cure a narcissist.

I am not sure if they realize the gold mine they are sitting on. she could write a book, teach seminars, Dr Hare and Sam Vaknin, I am sure would want to talk to her. My God, she could be on Oprah!! Jerry Springer!! She could even get a wax statue in Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

I mean THIS IS BIG!!

As for me, I should be shot for driving a kind loving man to act so despicable, I hang my head in shame and beg for James forgiveness. That is a lie too.

I am just relieved to know that he was not permanently scarred by my warped view of reality.  (Lie)


27 thoughts on “The Cure For Narcissism Found Right Here In BC!

  1. Well, Carrie, you did hold a gun to his head and force him to have sex with young women on a mission trip, right? Oh wait, you weren’t there…well, maybe through the phone line you threatened his life? Clearly, he is so little of a man that he can only function the way women MAKE him. You MADE him do bad and she makes him do good. Wow, he sure is helpless and, well, by the very definition of a ‘man’, therefore, NOT A MAN now, is he?
    I’m curious where you heard this little bit of news? Is he posting on his pathetic ‘blog’? More image control on his part? More blaming that anyone with a cubic inch of grey matter in their head can see through? Ugh, he’s so G.R.O.S.S…and it sounds like his minion is, too.


    1. anon, yeah he posted on his blog again, it came up in a Google search and accuses me of slandering him yada yada yada. So I erased his name from anywhere on here and will now refer to him as the WOSPOS which is what he truly is, I am removing the IP tracker also. Screw him. he can say what he wants I am so done with him. There is no way he is going to make me second guess myself, too late, I have a clear head now away from him. I know the truth, my son knows, his sister and son know. I don’t even know how he can tell such blatant lies but I really don’t care. If anything his new woman can thank me if he is treating her better because it is because he is trying to prove I am wrong that he would be keeping the mask on. He is not changed because if he was he would not be lying. There is no way I would want to be with a man who didn’t have the character or personal fortitude to stand up to a bitch like me (the me he describes me to be) . and I certainly would question why a man would lie about dying to get a bitch like me back.
      As with other times I have gone through a healing crisis i came away from it with more clarity of thought and peace in my heart.


  2. It’s the narc/sociopath’s savior complex they project onto their new supply. It’s how they love bomb them and put them on a pedestal. This new woman MUST be “The One” and MUST be his new soul mate. Otherwise, he’d actually have to do some self-reflection. Instead, it’s so much easier to point the finger instead of explaining his past to this new person. It’s fast-track soul mate shit.

    Besides, who in their right mind would stick around if sociopaths and narcs were actually honest in the beginning about who they are?

    I’ve come to accept that I am a crazy, bipolar, alcoholic who throws dining room chairs and tosses laptops for absolutely no apparent reason other than the fact that I am absolutely bloody crazy with a crazy family and people in my life who permit me to get away with those things because they are too scared to confront me.

    My state of mind had nothing to do with the fact I was bullied, manipulated, had my belongings stolen and withheld from me, that my son was abused and/or that my ex was lying to people behind my back, including the women he was emailing and secretly seducing.

    Yeah. Meh! Pfft! Screw these losers. If they want to believe they are saints and if they want to manipulate and convince their new supply that the new supply is also saintly, I wish them the best as they gallop off into the sunset on their white horses farting and belching rose water and star dust.

    XOXO ~Paula

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    1. I hear you! My narc ex convinced his family and friends (and some people I THOUGHT were my friends) that I didn’t have a miscarriage but an abortion because I didn’t want kids. He accused me of having an abortion but I had no idea he’d been spreading this story around! He beat me up on the day my child would have been born, and not only lied about it (told his brother I had done it to myself after I ran out of the house to his brother who was our neighbor) but denies it to this day to my face!!!!! He said “I didn’t hit you, I don’t hit women! I was bloody and starting to bruise but his brother believed I had done it (it makes sense since he was told I had an abortion 6 months before right? Obviously, I was crazy!! and a cruel heartless bitch). So, like you, I realize that to many people in my old town (I have since moved away) I am the bitch that aborted my baby because I was so selfish… WOW! I am sure his new victim bought the story too – she’s now had a baby with him. He moved to another province and that way, as per the narc MO, he has no old friends around who might let the real story slip.

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      1. Torquoisesky, I am so sorry you had to go through that, how painful!! Yes so typical for them to move to a town where no one knows them and they can reinvent history to suit their needs.
        It is amazing how they have the nerve to deny events to the person who was the recipient of their abuse, just flat out change history and expect you to not argue it. Crazy!!! insanity. is it any wonder the victim thinks they are crazy.


    2. Rose water and star dust!!! hahaha I love it!! In my mind he makes himself sound like a spineless wimp. What a loser! And now he can use me as the excuse why he is so hard to live with because he is “learning to stand up for himself for a change”. Can’t you just see it? Now he can blame her for making him into a man who stands up for himself and she will give him a break because he was so damaged by me. Oh God!
      I am so done with him, the longer I am away the more I question where my head was at all those years.
      He literally makes my skin crawl.
      Thanks Paula
      Hugs ooxx


  3. I am going to remind everyone about the history of cures 🙂 The M cure ( and her generic forms the C cure, the D cure and so on ) do not have a good track record for longevity. Sad but true. Does anyone here remember aspirin? Baby aspirin specifically. It was wonderful it was tremendous. It brought down the baby’s fever, such a blessing made them feel so much better. Fast forward some years…….what’s this now? Baby aspirin is being thought to be the cause of children dying from Reye’s syndrome 😦 It was thought to be deadly when given to children w/ a case of the flu. So, who ever really KNEW for sure it was the flu? So, lets not use that anymore. Let’s embrace acetomenophen. IT is absolutely the best drug created. Better than aspirin. No Reye’s syndrome. But wait again. Hmmmm, too much can cause liver damage and oh it really doesn’t work well on fevers. I was so optimistic. Well, Ibuprophen shows up! Just in the nick of time too. IT does wonders for fevers, brings them down real fast. Hell, it can be used in conjunction w/ acetemenophen ( no joke, my pediatrician had me giving my kids both, one of them 2 hours after the other in rotation). But you had to take it often to help. Hmmmmmmm, Well now there is Naproxal. You only have to dose once a day and you will stay pain free 🙂 All day relief. I am sure they are looking to replace it right now with the NEXT great thing. And so it goes. With cures for fevers, pains and N’s.

    BTW, all the above mentioned “cures” are really only palitive measures. They make you feel better for a short period of time. Like the M cure. They don’t cure anything. And can make you sicker. NEXT………..


  4. “The Eboli carrier of narcissism”… LOL!!!!! Looking back on their warped sense of reasoning (or total lack of reasoning), it seems rather funny….but living it and buying into it was devastating. Glad to be on the outside looking in! Whew!

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    1. Army of Angels, When I look back I can’t believe some of the shit, most of the shit that went on. If I any of us wrote a movie about what happened people would say, “No way is this a true story, who would do shit like that?”

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      1. Carrie I have said the very same thing! If this was a movie the audience would not be able to believe it! The last 5 days with my abusive narc were surreal…..I tried to write a short film about it but as I outlined what had taken place I realized that it would be impossible for people to comprehend. There were so many things that happened, and that proved he pre-meditated the beating, it would just be too much to take. To this day I still struggle with the trauma of it.


        1. Like Oscar Pistorius .. textbook Narc. What a superb actor complete with drool, snot and tears. It’s just so unbelievable to me that he would shoot through the bathroom door on Valentines Day yet .. without checking on his girlfriend to see if she was safe first. The article you posted from his previous girlfriend Carrie, says it all. Liar.


          1. Lisa, really! I could not believe there was any doubt to his guilt. I mean, according to him he and his g/f went to bed happy and in love. He wakes up a few hours later, she is not in bed with him yet he shots through a closed bathroom door. Come on!!! my God is the rest of the world insane?? who the hell shoots through a closed door when they don’t know where their lover is?? My dad taught me from the time I was 12 what to do if someone broke into the house and I was alone. I was to get his shotgun (no need to aim a shotgun) load it and sit in the bathtub which happened to look straight down the hall way and into the living room, get my back against the wall, aim in the direction of the living room doorway and wait!………..and when I could see it was not a family member and it was indeed an intruder, fire! but not until I was sure.
            It is ridiculous to think anything other than he was guilt. I am sure I know what happened, he was jealous, they were fighting, he was raging and maybe she even broke up with him, he was losing it and scaring her, she ran in the bathroom and closed the door to get away from him and in his ego fueled rage that no woman was going to leave him he cold bloodedly shot through the door while she screamed and he killed her. Period. He has a proven history of abuse. I am angry. I just think it is sending a horribly dangerous message to abusers and their victims. to the abusers, they will get away with it as long as they deny loud enough and cry dramatically enough and play the victim well enough and to the victim, why bother no one is going to believe you or take your side any way.
            Even after all I have been through my mom thought he was innocent. I just about fell over with shock. I asked how on earth could she think he was innocent and she said because he was crying so hard and even threw up. I was incredulous! I said to her, but you can’t understand why I went back to “him” after he cried and begged me. I said he has a history of abuse. she was “well that was years ago!” OMG!!omg!! omg!!
            I had to let it go. Sometimes I think I am crazy to think we can ever educate society enough for them to really understand the dynamics of abuse.


            1. Carrie…do I understand this correctly? Your mom fell for Pistorious’s crying act but shamed you for falling for WOSPOS’s crying act? If so, WOW. And whose abuse was she referring to when she said it was ‘years ago’ –WOSPOS or Pistorious? Cuz from what I’ve read they both have abused consistently and the passage of time doesn’t really matter.

              One of my ex’s scared me so much (physically abusive) that I locked myself in the bathroom on two separate occasions. There’s still a crack in that door where he tried to break it down to get to me. Whenever I hear Reeva’s story, I think the same thing…that she fled there for safety. I did the same. And yes, who in God’s name shoots first and asks questions later. Anyone in their right mind would notice that the person who had been sleeping next to them suddenly was gone. And to say her earlier text messages that speak of his abuse are not valid…wow, these judges need to be educated about red flags and the abusive personality/NPD types.


              1. anon, yes you had that right, my mom never did like the wospos and she would have never fallen for his lines and would have walked away long before I did, she could not understand why I stayed. The thing is my dad was a real bastard (not near as bad as the wospos but we all walked on eggshells my whole childhood and he ran the house like a prison) and she stayed with him for 30 years and would have stayed longer if he hadn’t kicked her to the curb with nothing after her putting up with numerous affairs over the years. I was always there for her and she moved in with me after they split. For a solid year she was at my house every night, i didn’t have a date that she was not part of for that first year they were split but that was ok because it was my mom. One mothers day I was at her house (she moved on street away from me when she left my dad) with my son who was 3 at the time. My dad showed up all pissed because I was with my mom and not him. I said, “Its mother’s day!” He went into a rage and stormed out of there spewing gravel at my little boy standing there. I was pissed. My mom begged me to go drive the 45 minutes to his place and apologize. I refused, she was so upset I finally went and he treated me like shit and I left and told her I would never do something like that again, no matter how much she begged. Ruined mothers day all the way around. I eventually cut my dad out of my life totally. he died recently and I have no regrets.
                But any way I would be more understanding of her lack of understanding if she hadn’t been through it.
                When she said it was a long time ago she was referring to Pistorious. If anything it proves he is abusive!! it doesn’t matter if it was a year ago. The wospos went 4 years without raising a hand to me but he made up for it in the end. I too ran to the bathroom to get away from him one time but he got his foot in the door before I got it closed. In the safety plan download I offer for free I say to not lock yourself in the bathroom, stay away from kitchens if you can also. (knives etc) The only way the bathroom could be a good place to go is if it has a window big enough to escape out of.


                1. Wow, Carrie, that is odd that she could see thru the WOSPOS but not your dad or Pistorious. Yes, I realized once I locked myself in the bathroom that I basically had trapped myself but you know how it is when you feel desperate. I understand the kitchen thing cuz the ex did grab a knife and started (shallowly) stabbing himself in the chest for effect. I remember thinking how controlled he was that he could stab repeatedly at his chest but never go too far…like he’d done it before. He only bled a little but it was to scare me, of course. I got out of that relationship rather quickly as I had never dealt with physical abuse before and for some reason I was able to say, “This is NOT about me, it’s about you.” Yet, my next relationship was with the recent Narc. I was blindsided by the emotional, mental, verbal abuse because I went into the relationship only checking his past for physical abuse and there was none. I didn’t even know these other types of abuse existed! Now that I dealt with both types of abuse, I have to say the Narc was worse in some ways. I’ve heard others say the same…that the emotional abuse can be worse. I do know this…I never threw up from the physical abuse (and mine was not as bad as some other poor women have suffered!) but I did with the bullying…it’s like they beat up your insides and it takes so much longer to heal. At least with the physical abuser I was SO clear it was him, not me. With the Narc, the haunting thoughts/feelings that it was all my fault stayed with me and took so much longer to heal. Not sure if that makes sense. It just hit me…when the first ex had his hands on my throat my instinct was to protect myself. When the narc would taunt and mock and bully, I somehow over time lost the instinct to protect myself. It’s as if they have it all planned out how to wear you down over time to the point you have internalized so much that you want to kill yourself to escape the pain they have left you with. With the first abuser, I wanted to escape him. With the narc, he left me wanting to escape being me…that’s what made it worse. 😦


                2. Anon, this is an excellent way to describe it. I have never heard a more apt way of describing what it is like to be mentally and emotionally abuse
                  With the first abuser, I wanted to escape him. With the narc, he left me wanting to escape being me…that’s what made it worse
                  I found that the physical abuse never hurt that bad, I don’t know if it was adrenaline, I mean he punched me repeatedly in the head, through me across the room but he never left bruises, I don’t know how he managed that either. yes I was afraid of him and the last time he came at me something was different and I think that had his sister not stepped in he would have beat me with in an inch of my life. For one thing he was prepared to beat me in front of his sister, had we been alone God only knows how far he would have gone.
                  But even with the physical abuse there is still emotional abuse, you can’t have physical abuse and not have it affect the victim mentally also. there are women who are horribly scarred for life by their abuser but the majority of them heal and there is no visible sign of abuse. The body is amazing in how it can heal itself. The women who are physically abused don’t struggle with the effects of physical abuse they suffer from the effects of the mental abuse.
                  My ex used to come at me with his fist raised, just because his fist didn’t actually hit me does not mean I was any less afraid, it didn’t make me feel any safer. I used to wish he would just get it over with and hit me because it was easier to deal with than the endless days of emotional and mental abuse, the badgering, demanding the impossible, twisting my words, demanding money I didn’t owe and couldn’t earn because he had disabled my truck. Believe me I much preferred the punch to the head. I could feel the tension building with him, I knew he was going to blow and I would try to prevent it, keep him happy but there was no way. When he wanted a fight there was no way of avoiding it. I tried to not react, he would not come home all night and I would not say a word, I stopped crying because that made him angry,I stopped asking for him to fix my truck, I stopped asking him to come to bed but welcomed him when he did. I spent all day trying to anticipate things that would make him angry and avoid them. I worded everything I said very carefully, I was thankful for every little thing he did for me, I said please and thank you and praised him and had no expectations. I hadn’t expected any recognition of my birthday, valentines, or christmas for years, but it was never good enough, he still got angry.


                3. Right, Carrie, there was nothing we could have done because the anger was within them all along and NEVER had anything to do with us, EVER. I finally realized that, myself, one day when I could see him looking for a fight and no matter how blameless I was he was going to get that fight if it was the last thing he did. And I wouldn’t fight back which would enrage him all the more. I stayed so blameless that this guy had to rage at me for not getting my hair trimmed every six weeks, LOL! I had cancelled ONE hair appointment! For the love of God, I can’t make this stuff up! And thank you for pointing out that the physical abuse is laden with emotional abuse in and of itself. Grasping that someone you love was trying to actually KILL you is emotionally devastating, I know. Yet, I don’t know any other way to explain why the Narc’s abuse felt worse. Mind you, the physical abuser definitely had many Narc qualities but the Narc/Socio was somehow waaaayyyy more scarring to my self esteem…and maybe it’s because it’s so covert. You can’t point to the physical bruises as proof to others, and more so, to yourself, that it really is/was THAT bad living with them. And the brainwashing and self esteem beating is so subtle and drawn out over time. All I know is that with the physical abuse I was so much clearer and stronger when I left him. With the Narc, I was pregnant and suicidal and only the love for my unborn and my 7 year old kept me here…but the panic attacks and PTSD were so unbearable. Oh yeah, no PTSD with the physical abuser yet such bad PTSD with the Narc! What might have added to it was not knowing anything about Narcs and emotional abuse as I was going through it. When someone is physically abusive you can say, “Hey, that’s physically abusive!” cuz we grow up knowing about it. With Narc abuse, I had no knowledge and no NAME for it. Yes, may we all rise up and get the word out and expose these vile beings. Maybe with this sort of awareness, other victims will be able to see and name these Narcs/Socios and get out sooner rather than later. And maybe, just maybe, the family court systems will see them for the dangerous creatures they are and start doing mandatory testing (better testing than is currently out there) and take the results into consideration during divorce and custody cases. One can hope and pray, right!?!


                4. anon, you made a good point. I never would have stayed with my ex if it was just the physical abuse, but the emotional abuse was so ambiguous, undefined. You can’t deny bruises but you can say a person didn’t hear or see what they did and they do it with such conviction you doubt yourself and you don’t want to believe it so it is easy to accept you are at fault some how and can’t we always find some time we were grumpy and snapped at him or I found I would find signs of his infidelity and be angry but calm. I always wanted to hear his side of things, maybe I was wrong, maybe there was an explanation but he would just deny it and twist my words and blame shift until I would lose it. I would want to go for a walk or drive to clear my head because I didn’t want to see things I would regret but he would not let me leave and would not let up. I would be walking away and he would be nattering, badgering, I would end up screaming and crying and making a fool of myself, he would drive me insane and then say something like” Yeah, that’s real loving all right, that’s why I look elsewhere.” and walk away and not let me talk.
                  It is so damaging. so cruel. “words can never hurt me” what a lie that is.


                5. It is not that she saw through him really, she just thought I should have been smarter. She didn’t even know about the abuse until a year and 1/2 into the relationship and she didn’t want to talk about it or face it. Get this, she had worked the suicide prevention hotline for years. I have to say she has really tried to understand the last couple of years and it has been hard for her. She is 75 now and she has always been one to hide her head in the sand. Someone told her at some point that victims of abuse were addicted to their abuser. She heard “addicted” and thought that by being supportive of me she was enabling me to stay so she disowned me. I have been very honest with her and explained that by disowning me she handed me to my ex on a silver platter, I had no where to turn. He got great pleasure from saying, “Who are you going to call? your mother.” and laugh and walk away. I truly felt I had only him.
                  She was telling me about a friend of her just the other day and was saying how badly the guy treats her friend and her friend is always making excuses for the guy, it sounds really abusive. But then my mom says he snaps at her sometimes but she doesn’t take it from him and will put him in his place. So would I and any other victim would probably stand up for themselves with the husband of her friend, she isn’t married to him. It is a totally different thing. She obviously doesn’t totally get it. I think it is denial and there is no point in trying to get her to face it. But I said to her, if the guy is like that in front of people I can only imagine what your friend goes through behind closed doors.


        2. Torquoisesky, I totally understand the not being able to comprehend. My ex ambushed my son and I in 2002 and I did not fully accept it and put all the pieces together until just last year. I could not comprehend or accept the truth. I know people didn’t understand how I could go back but I really had not accepted it, it was just so horrific and to think he plotted and planned it was beyond anything my mind could fathom. Down to every minute detail he had it planned and the cops brushed it off like nothing and treated me like I was crazy. Joking around with him and telling me not to start anything and he was playing them like a chess piece. I often wonder how many women who are murdered by their SO knew it was coming and just didn’t accept it. I bet most of them. It is so hard to get your head around the fact that the person you love more than anything, the man you made love to just the day before, who said he loved you just the day before could plan to beat you, kill you, steal from you what ever.
          It makes me angry and it makes me sad because I never wanted to be an advocate for domestic abuse survivors. I wanted to help people and do something good in my life, leave the world a better place for me being here, but I sure never wanted to know what it feels like to fear the man you love might kill you before morning.


          1. It is totally incomprehensible. I guess it will never make sense no matter how hard we try to piece it together….finding the sites I have discovered re: narcs has really opened my eyes – wish I had known about it when I was living it…..I thought I was crazy, that I wasn’t good enough, etc and he fed that insecurity with all the classic narc-isms – gaslighting was his favorite. He would look at me with this smirk/sneer on his face when he denied something, or when he said “we don’t fight in the past” when I tried to discuss something that had JUST happened. Of course, he could bring up things I had done years before… will never make sense in our minds or heart. Knowing that there is a supportive community that understands what it’s like is a great comfort.


            1. Torquoisesky, I agree, I never heard of narcissists prior to meeting my ex. I had heard about narcissist, the guy who fell in love with his own reflection but I never dated guys who were full of themselves. My ex was nothing like that my ex was the kindest, sweetest, gentlest, most loving guy I had ever met. He didn’t brag, I thought he was totally honest, incapable of even telling the smallest lie. ‘because he always made such a big deal about confessing stupid little things I thought he was honest about everything. it was all smoke and mirrors.

              The internet has made it possible for victims from all over the world support each other. There is a revolution happening. Up until recently the N’s got away with a lot more because no one believed the victim. It is only the last dozen years the internet, tweeting etc has been around. I think it is enabling the victims to speak out and support each other in a way never before possible and more and more N’s are being exposed for what they are. I think their gig is up!!


        1. I never saw the movie GasLight.
          The most realistic show (not a movie) was on TV, I forget what it was called now but every week they told another true story.
          was it “The Devil You Know” ? something like that.


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