The Unbearable Triteness of Being…engaged in a conversation with a Narcissist

I was planning on quoting some of Kim’s witty one liner’s but the whole post had me laughing (a sense of humor can be most helpful when dealing with a narcissist, after all they give a person such great material). I thought I’d just reblog it in it’s entirety. Thanks for the laughs Kim.

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Frequent, mundane drivel from the disordered that may induce a psychotic break

**Trigger Alert – This post contains possible triggers.  Please proceed with caution.  Also, I use the pronoun “he” for ease of reading.  If your Narc is female, simply replace with “she”.  Feel free also to substitute either pronoun with the nouns cretin, halfwit, or simpleton.

I'm_With_Stupid Apparel for the Arse-issist in your life…

For those who’ve come to the end of the road with the Narcissist in their lives, they often encounter a conundrum when it comes analyzing what went wrong.  On occasion, the Narcissist ends the relationship after a painful Devalue and Discard.  Other Narcs will pretend they’re on board with the whole thing, only to have a nuclear meltdown when it becomes obvious their partner is serious.  This second type of Narc is the topic of today’s post.

One of the most common questions I encounter with readers, followers, and…

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2 thoughts on “The Unbearable Triteness of Being…engaged in a conversation with a Narcissist

  1. Tifa

    Thanks for sharing this Carrie and to Kim for writing it. Made me laugh because their epic moronic dialogue is right there for all to see. I got exactly the same form of conversations when with my N. The initial slandering, and yes some weeks later the “miss you” dialogues. But they won’t let up with this type of communication. They never give “answers” or address anything you say, even if you attempt to mend a situation by wrongly accepting some of what they’ve said to you/about you (yes I went down that low road). You will never get it right for them, nor did the person before nor after. But least remembering some of these types of conversations when you’re on the road to healing provides a great source of entertainment! 😉 x x x



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