Prayers Needed

My son just called and he is driving to get his daughter. He just drove up there this weekend, he worked 12 hours, and now he is driving 4 hours to go back.

The mother of his daughter was engaged to a man, thought he was screwing around while she was pregnant and found out he was after she had the baby and they split up, two weeks later the new baby died of crib death. My son has been an emotional support for the mother of his daughter.

As you can well imagine she is a basket case. I have offered her to come here or go there but she doesn’t really know me. The poor thing, I have felt helpless to help her. She just called my son and said she can’t do it and to come get Kaela. I offered to ride along but he didn’t want to have to stop and said he was going to be going 140km an hour and didn’t want me along. I told him his daughter needs him alive.

Please, anyone who is awake say a prayer he gets there ok and that the mom and my grand baby are ok. I am sick with worry.

I would drive up by myself just to be there in case but I don’t have the money for gas so have to stay here and wait for the phone to ring.

Dear God, please keep my boy safe and get him to Jenn and Kaela safely and keep your hand on Jenn and let her know she is not alone and she is loved until he gets there.

In Jesus name Amen

15 thoughts on “Prayers Needed

  1. fee

    What a lovely woman you are carrie. I hope she gets the help she needs and knows this doesn’t make her a bad mom …it makes her a lovely mom. Much love to your son (who sounds wonderful). Its funny how I don’t have a religion but yet we seem to pray when things need help xxx

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    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Fee, thank you. I am no more “lovely” than most women, when you see someone hurting I know you would reach out to them also. I don’t know how a woman especially, but anyone can see someone suffer and not try to help. I suppose they are out there, besides the obvious N’s of the world but I like to believe that people who care are more common than we maybe realize.


  2. ellie2013

    Dear sweet Jesus,

    Please hear Carries prayer and wrap you loving arms around this family. Carry them when they can not walk alone and let them feel your peace in this storm. Ease their minds and their hearts and protect them from all evil.

    In Your name we pray,


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  3. Carrie Reimer Post author

    Thank you all so very much. I was able to get some sleep last night and leave it in God’s hands. Kris made it there, he did stop and sleep for a couple of hours and he messaged me when he hit town. He is with her now.
    I slept on the couch so I wouldn’t sleep too soundly and miss his call, poor stella was so upset I wasn’t in bed with her.
    I am very proud of my boy and Jenn for that matter, they have had to deal with bringing a child into the world when they didn’t even know each other and they both have kept Kaela the top priority. Too bad more people don’t do that.
    I didn’t agree with it but have let Kris deal with it his way but kaela doesn’t know he is her daddy and called the other man daddy and kris was mommy’s friend, Kris. But Jenn said Kaela always asked when Kris is coming for a visit and she has never gotten attached to any other man like that. It’s like she knows instinctively. Bless her little heart.
    She picked some flowers for me and when she gave them to me she asked if I would keep them forever so I would remember her. I told her I would but it was so hot in the truck they wilted and now I have to find the same kind of flowers and press them in a book.
    It is going to be a rough ride for everyone but it will be ok. Jenn is learning some thing about my boy that I have always known. He has the ability to love like few people can and when he loves you he will die for you. He is a very honorable man and takes his responsibilities very seriously and he owns his mistakes.
    Him and I talked about God and the church on our drive. I don’t know how many people here know but my boy went through a bad time quite a few years ago. He checked himself into rehab and got his grade 12 and completed his courses to get into University and is only one course short of his BA in Theology. He has done missionary work several times and started a youth group working with troubled teens and then his marriage fell apart and she bad mouthed him to the church and they turned on him. He was devastated, no one was even interested in hearing his side of things. That church bad mouthed him to his home church in Vancouver and he was ostracized there. He was saying the other day that his faith in churches has been destroyed but his faith in God is intact.
    I have never gone to church much, but like I have said I have seen many miracles in my life and my son’s life. My faith was severely damaged by the wospos but is slowly returning. I have a hard time with churches and religions because a lot of times they are narrow minded and their way is the right way, their interpretation of the bible is the right way.
    Anyway, thanks again for everyone’s prayers, just knowing there were others praying eased my mind. I used to get so consumed with worry about things, Kris imparticular; I would be panicked and unable to function. Then I learned to pray and leave it in God’s hands and things always worked out.

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    1. ellie2013

      Thanks for the update Carrie. Prayers still being sent your/ their way. There can never be too many prayers. I know from a Gramma’s place what you must be going through.


  4. Tifa

    Thank you for the update Carrie. My sincerest apologies for not sending my support until now.
    Love and prayers to you and your family. X x x x x



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