You Are Enough! Don’t Listen To Anyone Who Says Different

I hope this inspires everyone here to be strong and know they are enough. Do not let “him” bring you down and make you think you are not enough. He does it because he knows he is the one who is lacking don’t let him drag you down to be less than what you are and what you are meant to be.

When a narcissist gets a hold of a person  they pick someone who shines in the world, someone who is more than “enough” and then sets about destroying them, wanting to make them less than. The sad thing is they often succeed in their quest because we become so focussed on being all they want us to be we lose sight of our priorities, they put walls up between us and our family and children because the people who love us hate the narcissist.

We stop being who we are meant to be and who we were because we are so busy walking on egg shells and worrying about what they are thinking and doing, and we become a shell of the wonderful woman we once were.

Do not let the bastard convince you that you are not enough!!!!

Watch this video we all should have a mirror like this.

Last weekend was my “mirror” sitting beside my boy on the drive to and from Kelowna and when you get that kind of feed back from people you become more than enough.


5 thoughts on “You Are Enough! Don’t Listen To Anyone Who Says Different

  1. Army of Angels

    So great! The video gave me goosebumps. I know the narcissist’s wall…I know the eggshells well…at some point in all that, I stopped believing that I was worthy of love. No More! I am ENOUGH!💜


  2. Bryan

    Great video! I posted a music video about this same idea. I truly believe this message needs to get to the masses more now than ever before! Thanks for posting!



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