Domestic Violence Is Not Gender Specific

man and woman ribbonWatch this social experiment done to see what happens when a man abuses a woman in public and then when the roles are reversed. I was surprised to find out I was surprised by the reaction of the crowd.

Watch it here

1 thought on “Domestic Violence Is Not Gender Specific

  1. maryleemorgan

    True, abuse can be perpetuated by either gender, but I am bothered by the setup for this particular experiment. Maybe if they took it out of the context of cheating it would be even more interesting, since cheating itself is abuse. In the scene where the woman is abused, the woman seems to have been given the assumption of innocence. In the case where the man was being abused and accused of cheating, one other man, at least, assumes that the abused man is guilty of cheating and deserves what he is getting. But you and I both know, Carrie, that the abuse an N hands out–whether it involves actual cheating or not–is about power and control. So I think it would be interesting to change the script for the character of the abusive women so that cheating was removed as the issue, and then let’s see how people react.



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