Asking For A Favor

The school I want to apply to for my Life Skills training is Rhodes Wellness College. I have researched all the local schools and it is the only one that is consistently recommended by people in the field plus it offers exactly what I am looking for.

I am not sure the government will agree with my choice because it is Life Skills focussed and not “Support Worker” focussed. Life skills is a relatively new concept, support worker is what “they” tell me I should be taking but the school programs teaching support worker focus a lot on personal care aid type support and that is not what I want to get into. I am not physically able to assist people in bathing, doing house work and that sort of thing, plus; as much as I think it is an admirable career for people who want to help other people live a fuller life, it is not what I want to do.

I want to work with either victims of abuse or work in preventing domestic abuse. I realize that I might not get a job working with survivors of abuse immediately out of the gate and might have to work as a social worker or counselor in some other capacity until there is an opening in a shelter or whatever but I want to make sure that the education I get is going to get me the job I want.

Rhodes Wellness College offers a comprehensive course teaching not only life skills coaching but also counseling, because many times they do overlap. Rhodes offers certificate courses which are shorter and cheaper but I want to go for the Life Coach Diploma course which includes Life Skills Coaching, Basic Counseling, Sexual Abuse and Trauma Counseling, Youth Counseling, plus has a Business Development section for those who want to be self-employed and a practicum of 100 hours. By the end of the course I will meet the requirements to become certified by the International Coaching Federation and be qualified to teach Life Skills classes myself, hold seminars or work in many different capacities in the following fields;

                                  Life skills Coach                                                                                             Group Home worker

                    Recovery House                                                  Transition House                                                      Native Youth worker                                                                         Mental Health worker                                                Group Facilitator                                                                      Community Developer                                               Program Developer                                                             Social Services Contractor

                                      Holistic Counselor                                            Employment Counselor                         Family Counselor                            Youth counselor                                       Outreach Counselor                                 Corrections worker                      Motivational Speaker

When I think about the possibilities I get so excited yet there is a part of me holding back, afraid to even apply for the funding because I am afraid they will say no and then I will be so very disappointed and really don’t know what I would do. I believe I can do the course and I believe I can do any job I set my mind to and I know I want to work in a field where I help others. I want to enhance the knowledge I gained through my experiences in an abusive relationship, with a formal education which would allow me to do some awesome work raising awareness, preventing abuse and helping victims get back on their feet and find peace and happiness in their lives again. I want to help women become all they are meant to be and empower women to realize their worth believe in themselves.

This course gives me the flexibility to move geographical areas, change careers without needing more education but leaves a lot of room to further my education by taking additional courses later, if I find I am burning out in one area of I can switch what field I work in or become self-employed, it will allow me to work past 64, (it is the one career where a person can enter it at 56 yrs old and not feel they have missed the boat.) Being older might even be considered an asset because the person has more life experience.

Now we come to the favor I want to ask. I need two reference letters for the government from people who know me and feel I deserve and would make good use of a new education PLUS I  also need

“3 Character Reference Letters (Reference letters can be from employers, colleagues, teachers, friends, or family. Letters are to speak of your character, how they know you, and why your reference would recommend you to our college).”

I have a close girl friend I have asked to write a letter for me and my son is writing one but I am hoping someone here would write one for me. Any of my past employers don’t even know me any more, I was self-employed for so long, I am not the person I was 15 years ago and the jobs I did were not related in any way to this career path. I have testimonials that I plan to put in my package but a personal letter with a date and signature is what they are looking for.

If anyone is willing to write-up a short letter of recommendation I will be forever grateful. It can be emailed to me at I will need them asap, as I have to be accepted to the school before I can even submit my application for funding. Thank you all and keep your fingers crossed, prayers coming and positive thoughts coming my way Please!!

15 thoughts on “Asking For A Favor

  1. Tifa

    Carrie I shall to my utmost to send you a reference this evening. While it may not stand for much coming from a 30 year old woman from the UK! I can all but try as I want this to happen for you so very much. 🙂
    Am not sure if it will help, but I was fortunate to study a degree in Behavioural Studies and completed a postgraduate certificate in counselling skills and theory in the past (something I too wish to ultimately practice in when ready), and have some experience as a support worker.. Am not saying I am an expert, but hoping my fortune in finding support through your blog (can we mention that?) against my own experience of helping others to achieve wellness in life, shall show from my perspective just how suitable you would be to recommend for such a course. 🙂 I truly mean that also. What I am trying to articulate here, is that I believe you have a gift and are meant to do something like this.
    Am not sure how it stands where you are, but a lot of practitioners in this sort of field in the UK tend to have had experience personally when choosing to follow a career in providing support to others. Yes if someone was just fresh out of a particular personal situation, it wouldn’t be viable understandably for them to immediately go straight into a career helping others. I know this for myself right now, hence taking a break from what I have been doing. But not only have you taken the necessary time to heal, you have also selflessly given the time since to help others, be it supportive articles, research, advice etc. I can’t see how or why they wouldn’t consider you for this course. And if not this course, definitely another. 🙂 I have faith in your capabilities Carrie and your genuine interest and desire to work towards such a role. In fact you are doing that to some degree for all of those who come here for support.
    Sorry for rambling! Will send a reference a.s.a.p if of any use to you. 🙂
    With love and hugs from across the puddle. 🙂 x x x x x


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Tifa, of course a reference from you would be wonderful! Thank you so much for all your kind comments and doing you ever apologize for “rambling” , they are always helpful, relevant and well thought out. Love and hugs back to you across the puddle. 🙂


  2. GemGirl

    Carrie — One option is to write up a 3-pg. collection of comments about how you have helped various people who posted on your blog. That way you can show a range of comments. You should be able to use one-paragraph quotes without going into major details about a specific person’s life situation.

    Best wishes on your higher educational and new career journey.


    1. lisa51l

      Carrie, I think GemGirl has an excellent idea … I think your blog alone would get you in. Go Girl. It’s all good. Whatever happens. Because our time on this planet is short, but our souls live on forever. Therefore, it’s all a learning experience, don’t let fear take you down the wrong path. That’s what happened to me. I became so vulnerable after the death of the love of my life (my 2nd husband – first was a Psychopath that I escaped with my life from – he has passed on as well) – that I caved in to fear and terror and got trusted someone I shouldn’t have. I’m not at war with the Narc, only trying to forgive myself and get on with way more important work in my life.


      1. Carrie Reimer Post author

        Lisa, thank you for commenting. I am just very aware of every emotion I feel and try to recognize any fears so I do deal with them and not let them rule my actions. I do believe that what will be will be and that if schooling isn’t in the cards then something else will come along. I just want to make sure I do everything within MY power to facilitate good things to come my way and then I can rest assured I did my part. I believe ultimately God has a plan and when something is meant to be it kinda just happens, like my blog just happened, or the house I live in. It is really quite exciting to see what is around the next corner.


    2. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Gemgirl, I have gone through my blog and picked out comments and some personal emails of thanks that I have received but thought it would be a nice “extra” to add to my package. When they specifically ask for a reference I feel I should supply them, otherwise I thought it might appear I was too lazy to bother getting them.
      But your suggestion is one I am going to use to give myself a little extra edge.
      Thanks for your comments. HUgs



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