The Reality of Financial Abuse: The Aftermath is a Monster

Very good post by Sweetmarie about financial abuse and how debilitating it is and how it hold the victim back from healing. AND the lack of understanding from society and friends and family. Unfortunately most victims are left in financial ruin on top of all the other abuse they have suffered.

Picking Up the Pieces

The inaccuracy of “You’ve left, so it’s over!” is never more apparent than it is now. It isn’t that the constant struggles with my self-confidence weren’t enough verification for me that the abyss delves deeper than any eye can see. It isn’t that the constant battles I have to wage against persistent PTSD triggers failed to convince me that I was going to need to expend more effort than I could have imagined to navigate each day of my life. It isn’t even the nagging physical symptoms I have left that failed to keep me in check as constant reminders that I really endured the brutal acts of violence he heaped upon me. It’s this thing that no one seems to want to acknowledge or talk about even as they criticize my slow progress. It’s this brick wall that stands between me and almost everything I both want and need…

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