The Show Is Over There Won’t Be An Encore

Another old post from 3 years ago. Everyone always thinks I am so strong and people come in 5 months after the relationship with the N ends and want to be over it like I am. I keep saying it has been 4 years!! This post was written exactly 1 year after we had split and months of no contact. He had popped back into my life full of tears and promises and I thought I was strong enough to listen to what he had to say and it wouldn’t affect me. Wrong!!
make sure you read the comments also, and what Mystery Coach and Tik Tok had to say.
Give yourself time to heal and know that I am no stronger than you are, I am just longer out of it and have learned from my mistakes, just like you will.

Ladywithatruck's Blog

My eyes are two hot embers from lack of sleep and crying.

I should be out there working already, I waste so much time because of JC.

I shouldn’t have answered the door, shouldn’t have let him in, shouldn’t have let him talk.

It’s not that I believe him, not for a minute do I believe he wants to help me or that he feels some loyalty to me and is willing to fight Marissa for the right to see me. And what the hell is that all about anyway? Since when does he ask permission to do anything? Since when has he decided he couldn’t close the door on “us”? Could have fooled me all last year! He says she wasn’t happy about him seeing me and I wouldn’t have liked it either.

HELLO??? I was expected to shut up and not be so suspicious and paranoid when he…

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6 thoughts on “The Show Is Over There Won’t Be An Encore

  1. LISA Anderson

    you are a valued woman for the attention you give your blogfor the things you express to your readers the truth is visual and you hold for your own dream reality and love of the and especially you’ll forgive me I’m doing this on my phone I feel completely ridiculous but your blog is so intensely important to me for a readyour charming ways and manners in which you yourself love grow reunite with your being


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Lisa, thank you for your kind words. Don’t worry about the typing on your phone, there was a time I did all my posts on my phone because I didn’t have internet and would have to find free wifi to post. I understand the frustration of typing on a phone.
      I am glad you find something useful here. I wanted to document my journey honestly so people wouldn’t be so hard on themselves and learn from my mistakes.
      So many times you find sites that tell you what to do and make it sound so easy and the victim feels like a loser again if they can’t things exactly like the site says you should.
      I admit, it took me a year before I went no contact and it was not until I did that true healing began.
      I invested so much time into the relationship, at least if I share what I learned it was not a total waste of time. If I can use the experience to help other people then it makes 13 years worthwhile. 10 in the relationship and 3 healing, and now 1 year where I he has no effect on me whatsoever. I do believe the blogging about it has probably delayed my healing to some degree also because it forced me to think about him and he found the blog and that brought about a bunch of revenge from him. But celavie.



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