Talking About Rodents……

As you all know I still moderate comments, not because my ex might comment as Norma Rockwell again (that still makes me chuckle, really, when you think about it they are a good source of comedic material. If you have been with a narcissist you always have a rich collection of “You can’t make this stuff up” anecdotes) but because every once in a while I will get some Spammer wanting to tell us all about how they got their lover back when they found a Spell Caster, and here we are trying to figure out how to get rid of them.

Plus I like to see who is reblogging my material, I found one site that was selling my material or the link to my site. If anyone is going to make money off my blog I want it to be me. Thank you very much.

AND then in a class all their own are the scum who tried to reblog my post on How to Help Someone Involved With a Narcissist to their site on “How To Attract a Woman With Daddy Issues”, Their blog is about how to seduce any woman and get her into bed. That is twice this week the scum bag has tried to repost one of my posts.

I realize that any casanova wannabe can come in and read my posts or any other blog on the web that talks about recovering from abuse and gather valuable information on how to manipulate a woman into falling in love with them with the ultimate goal of getting in her pants.

Despicable, sleazy tactics that only a man with nothing going for him would resort to. A real man would never stoop to manipulating a woman through her emotions. What I really wonder is how do these guys live with themselves, ooops, sorry, there I go with the cognitive dissonance of not believing a human being wouldn’t take advantage of another human being. We are all here because these soulless soul suckers exist and most definitely will use any and all information they can collect to attain their one goal – taking advantage of a woman. What losers!!


I happen to like a guy with real balls!

I bet they drive a really big truck too and shout out their window at the women walking down the street, “Hey, sexy! wanna sit on my face?”, elbowing their buddy sitting next to him and they laugh uproariously at their wit. I guess it makes sense why they need tactics to get a woman because I doubt they get many women using their own brains.

I have asked a guy that once, after an especially insulting sexous remark, “Just curious, does that line actually work for you?”

Oh well you can’t fix stupid.

11 thoughts on “Talking About Rodents……

    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      isn’t that the truth? “no wonder it is taking so long to find my “normal”!” We get so desensitized to the madness we forget what normal is or if we ever were normal. I long for normal in all aspects of my life. I really resent it when someone tries to force bullshit down my throat now and I say so. I used to keep quiet cuz I didn’t want to start any trouble or make anyone angry. Not any more, staying quiet never works to anyone’s benefit. Best to be honest and just say it. Let people deal with their actions.


      1. Army of Angels

        I am finding that some people become haters, when I set boundaries😳 it sure does feel good, though! I still tend to spread myself thin, but at least I can verbalized and stand by my personal limits-no more “doormat” here💜


        1. Carrie Reimer Post author

          army of angels, yes I have found that also. It took me awhile but I am ok with saying No, I can’t, or no I am busy most of the time. I went through it this week. Someone I have known for a long time but not well text asking me to attend a dinner. Right away I was suspicious because it was a group of people and she said it was her “office” having the dinner. For one thing she is self employed, so I asked where she was working, did she not have her business any more and she didn’t reply.
          I said I was busy. Then I called a mutual friend and asked them what she was doing now. She is involved in a pyramid scheme thingy and I am just so not into those. Not my bag at all.
          Then she said that there was a 2nd night, I said I was busy
          Then she came up with a third date LOL I didn’t reply to that text so the next day she called me. hahaha
          I said I was busy that day too!!
          By the end I was busy 5 out of 7 days this week as far as she knows. I should have just been honest and said I am not into pyramids but she was not honest in telling me what it was, so fair I guess.
          The I still struggle with saying if someone has made me angry or hurt me. I have to go away and think about it and sometimes you can’t revisit the event in order to deal with it but when I can I do and many people are taken back by it. I was always so easy to get along with. But I held a lot of hurt inside and I learned something with James. We teach people how to treat us. if we don’t say,” I don’t appreciate you disrespecting me”, we can’t very well complain when they do. So in a way we are doing them a favor, maybe they really didn’t think it would bother us, so if we tell them they have to opportunity to correct it and if they do it again we have the right, the responsibility to walk away.


  1. The Heretic

    You can’t fix stupid, but you can completely make fun of it. Mel Brooks’ films pretty much do that.

    I think it is one way for a lot of us to deal with the things that either have hurt and/or have made us angry.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      I know that is how I deal with stuff, I joke about it. wospos sister and I would be working and we would start talking about some of the crazy shit he was doing and laugh because it really was so F’d up! when you thought about it. “Who does that shit??” Some times it was fear and a nervous laugh, like when the tire blew on the freeway, we were laughing but never one of us thought it was very funny.
      So glad I am far removed from that shit now.


  2. Serendipity

    It’s been eight months since I left my narsasist husband , I didn’t know what I was living with .brain washed into thinking it was my fault . He has left a trail of devastation . I am now left with the enormous task of putting our four children’s lives back together . I have been diagnosed with PTSD shocked to say the least !
    So glad I found your site , shedding a little light in a very dark place .
    Any advice on the everyday fear I’m experiencing would be hugely appreciated . 😦


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Welcome Serendipity
      I am sorry you are having to go through this but you did the right thing by leaving. With 4 children I assume going no contact is out of the question but if you can have as little contact as possible and stick strictly to talk of the children and don’t let the conversation go into anything personal it does make it easier. He will try every way he can to get to you and push your buttons, make you feel guilt and to blame.
      They leave such a feel of gloom and doom where ever they go and it seems to hang over the victim even once they are out of their life. It is because for so long we were waiting for the other shoe to drop, because don’t you know they always did something to upset the apple cart or make our lives hell. We never knew what we would be hit with next, we just knew it was not going to be good, especially if we were looking forward to something, or happy they would find a way of ruining it. We got programed to never expect anything good to happen to us and stopped even looking forward to anything so as not to be disappointed. My ex’s favorite phrase was, “If you have no expectations you will never be disappointed,” Who can live that way? It sucks the life out of you and takes all the joy out of day to day living.
      When we leave that programing is still with us and it is very hard to shake, and as the saying goes negative begets negative and positive breeds positive but how does a person switch back to being positive? that is the big question. It took me a couple of years and I still have to do some self talk once in a while.
      Basically it takes a lot of self talk in the beginning, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and finding something to be grateful about every day. Can you identify your fear? what exactly are you afraid of? If you can identify it you can take measures to eliminate it. If you feel you are in danger then Please download my free safety plan and put it into effect as much as you can.
      I am glad you found something useful here, feel free to comment any time even if just to rant and rave, we all have been there and we understand and know what you have gone through.
      Big Hugs


  3. Martina

    Hi Carrie. I read your blog all the time. I find it by typing ‘ladywithatruck’ into google. If people leave their link in your comments, I read that too. I can’t believe there are SO MANY narcissists out there!!

    I still live with/am married to an N. You have helped me so so much! I had no idea that they all did the same things and they do! Mine is so typical. I’m currently in the silent treatment phase of his cycle … except he did say he wished I crashed the car on the hiway on my way to work this AM. I managed to aviod arguing with up until that point but of course there is no winning with the N 🙂

    Thank you for writing. Thank you for telling your story because now I KNOW that I am not crazy and that it isn’t me.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      martina, it is amazing how much alike they are isn’t it. I thought I was so alone when I was going through it and when I started to blog about it I often held back on the stuff I thought was really whacked out because i thought no one would believe me. But it didn’t matter what I talked about someone always said, “OMG that happened to me” so I thought ok, I am going to tell all because obviously I am not the only one and people need to know the whole story. I mean, like the saying goes, “You can’t make this stuff up.” A normal person wouldn’t even think of some of the shit these guys pull.
      How long have you been with your N? has it escalated to physical yet? Please be very aware of your safety and how conniving and cold hearted they can be, if you have suspicious things happening don’t brush them off or tell yourself you are imagining things!
      Stay safe! and come back any time if you need a friendly ear or supportive shoulder to cry on.



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