All That Glitters Is Not Gold – In Fact It Can Be Poo


Funny how when I think of glittery poo I think of my ex!! hahaha

I have a cute story (not about the narc, about my little girl, Stella) I bought myself a pair of much-needed gloves, leather for $12, not a bad deal. Walmart.

Stella has a habit when I get on the phone, to grab a sock or something of mine and run past me with it in her mouth, then I chase her and she has my attention. She eats a sock every time I leave her home alone. Consequently I have very few socks.

Anyway, I was on the phone doing my interview with the college in order to get accepted for their program and I saw her run past with something in her mouth. I couldn’t stop in the middle of the interview and it lasted an hour. (I got accepted btw) As soon as I was done I went to check and see what she had. While on the phone I heard something ripping and expected to find another shredded sock. But no, it was not a sock, I couldn’t identify it immediately, there were so many pieces, that looked like ……… leather! OH NO! I was so angry! I yelled at her NO, and grabbed a tattered little piece of leather and rubber it up to her snout and told her BAD, NO! oh she felt SOOOO BAD. She suckholed for an hour and I just pushed her away and said I was mad at her and didn’t want to cuddle.

Finally I gave her loves but every now and then I stuck the other glove in her face and told her NO!

I went and bought another pair of gloves.

A few days later a girlfriend picked me up and we went out for the afternoon. I got home and Stella gave me her usual warm welcome home. We sat on the couch and we hugged and loved and then she jumped down off the couch and ran in the bedroom, returning with one of my gloves and dropped it in my lap. Totally intact, just a little soggy but no damage. What a good girl! she got extra hugs and loves for that even a belly rub……, her glittery belly, …….she had glitter all over her, her head, her back, there was silver glitter all over her, “What the hell?”

I looked around the living room, there was glitter on the couch, on the floor, there was glitter EVERY WHERE
I went into the bedroom, glitter on the bed, on the floor…….. what the hell now? Where the hell did she get glitter!?


Then I remembered, I had been making Christmas decoration the night before. then I found the plastic bottle the glitter had been in, demolished beyond recognition and beside it a pile of glitter. It was a small bottle and 1/2 empty, it is amazing how far that glitter went. My  whole house is one big glittery mess.

Then yesterday I went out to pick up poo in her dog kennel and burst out laughing when what do I see, her poo is FULL of silver glitter!! My dog poos glitter!! hahaha

Too bad it isn’t like the Duck that laid golden eggs and her poo isn’t worth anything.

Just like the narcissist, he can cover himself with all the glitter in the world but he is still a pile of dog shit underneath it and not worth anything.

heart poo

I can’t believe you can Google Glittery Poo and something actually comes up. I love Google!!BUT it does relate back to narcissists, they may glitter and shine when we first meet them but poo is poo.

He may have covered himself with sprinkly glitter but underneath the glitter, he is still POO!

But if you Google narcissist and shit you get pages of choices. hmmm why am I not surprised?

But if you Google narcissist and shit you get pages of choices. hmmm why am I not surprised?

5 thoughts on “All That Glitters Is Not Gold – In Fact It Can Be Poo

  1. vheywood609

    That is a nice story! Your dogs are lovely 🙂
    You look like you cuddle and spoil them as much as I do with mine.
    I can just imagine glitter being everywhere 🙂
    Love the fact poo is poo!!


  2. malia


    I thought you were speaking about a child hhh, but after i realize that is a dog about…
    You are amazing, and evrytime I have this sad feeling I come to this website read and say to my self you are not lonely…

    Thank you for sharing…



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