How many times do we hear the victim say, “I’m not sure he is a narcissist, he is so well liked by everyone. He is a prominent businessman in town, or the town preacher, or a highly respected cop. ” A narcissist “knows what side his bread is buttered on”, he knows he has to be nice to the people who can give him what he needs. He can present an image of the benevolent leader while screwing over the (or literally screwing) the little guy all the way to the top. Eventually his true colours show but by that time it is usually too late and he has caused destruction and moved on.”

Grace for my Heart

It’s Narcissist Friday!  

I recently read that a narcissistic former CEO is being considered as a candidate for president. This former CEO nearly destroyed a major US corporation and left, of course, with a multi-million dollar severance package. The suggestion of narcissism is not mine, but the assessment of many who have watched this person’s career and have seen the piles of the dead along the path. Who could imagine the damage this person could cause as president?

On the other hand, some people think this is just the kind of person we need in leadership. Narcissism is increasingly seen as a positive characteristic among leaders. And narcissists are found in almost every type of leader position offered in our culture. Spiritual leaders, military leaders, political leaders, organizational leaders, even local and small group leaders are often narcissists.

Leadership positions draw narcissists like parties draw college students. Even if they…

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