I Haven’t Been Well

I haven’t been posting much and thought I should just give a bit of an update. I haven’t been feeling very well lately. I feel like I could be coming down with a cold or flu but more than anything I have been having chest and shoulder pain like I did prior to both of my heart attacks.

I think it is just stress from finances, waiting to hear about my school funding and whether I am getting it or not, the stupid rat has made a nervous wreck out of me. I swear I would move if I could, I jump every time I hear a little noise. I am stressed about Christmas. I bought a pre-lit Christmas tree two years ago at the end of the season from Habitat for Humanity for $10 and it was great last year, my first phony tree. It had multi colour mini lights on it and I would have preferred white lights but for $10 I wasn’t going to be picky. I had it all decorated this year and half the lights stopped working a couple of days ago. I couldn’t add lights after it was decorated so I took all the decorations off and decided to take all the lights off and replace them with white LED’s. Easier said than done, let me tell you. Every single light was attached with either a clip or a small zap strap. It took me all day to get the lights off and I was grumpy and short tempered by the time I was finished, cursing up a storm by the end of it. My fingers were cut, nails broken and nerves frayed. It is not like me to get that stressed over something like that so I know it is time to take some down time.

I have just not been very well this last week and been fighting it. I have to take some time and just try to relax. My house is a disaster area because I haven’t felt up to cleaning so I am going to spend a couple of days cleaning and resting until I get my place back to normal.

13 thoughts on “I Haven’t Been Well

  1. Only Me

    Oh Honey, I’m so very, very sorry for all the stress you’re going thru. The chest and shoulder pain doesn’t sound good!

    I don’t want to scare you anymore than you already must be, but I remember my dad suffered shoulder pain prior to having a major stroke and that’s what what came to my mind.

    I fear if yo don’t cut down the stress level and quick, whatever is or isn’t going on now in your life will be the least of your problems! I think you already know this! You’re smart woman!

    It’s probably safe to that your emotional stress level is probably triggering a lot of the symptoms you are experiencing. The body reflects what is going on in your mind! You need to stop this cycle and short-circuit it! NOW!

    Well, the times in my life when I’ve been super stressed and my health has taken a hit… it’s time to say to yourself – PISS ON IT ALL! Let the housework go…let the Christmas tree lights go (you might even think about chucking it to the trash pile!)

    None of this important in the long term scheme of things and it drags down your health!

    Just let the expectations of what you think you should be doing go! You are putting too much pressure on yourself!

    YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT TO DO! Nothing! Don’t worry about it! Smile, snuggle up comfortably, and just say PISS ON IT! That’s what I would do – it’s survival mode! :>D

    Right now, at this moment in time – YOU ARE SAFE! That’s what I would think! Nothing, and no one can hurt you! Small comfort I know, but sometimes, that’s all it takes! Give your body and mind as a nice rest!

    Take care of yourself, and keep on being the inspiration we all know you to be! You’ve got this!

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  2. Heidi

    Hi Carrie, you strong beautful woman. Please try and relax. Its not easy going thru difficult times. As ‘only you’ says, try and let it go. Lie on the grass and just watch the clouds…Gods universe is awesome and healing, and its free. Much love to you.


  3. malia

    Dear darling Carrie,

    I hope you are doing well, we all love you for you as person with good heart helping others on the healing process… love you.

    Take care


  4. lisa51

    Hi Carrie, you are in my thoughts and prayers too. Maybe you should get a cat to keep the rat at bay. I know what you mean about those trees .. I had one like that once and tried to get the lights off .. it looked easy, but NOT! I’m praying for your school funding to come through. I try to think of money these days as a number and try not to attach too much stress to it. Not easy, but money worries can really ruin our peace of mind. Somehow things always seem to work out despite our worries … Love and Hugs, Lisa



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