Sociopaths, Approval and Victim Perfectionism

I know of a few people on this blog that need this post from Paula

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Sociopaths openly debase others in order to brainwash their new/current target into absolute and complete compliance.

The new/current target serves as the sociopath’s attentive audience. The new/current target listens with deep interest and awe as the sociopath talks about his disapproval and disgust of those from the sociopath’s past.

“She was so lazy.”

“She never cooked for me.”

“When she did cook, it was terrible.”

“He was so fat.”

“She pretended to work hard.”

“She was so fake. Her friends were fake too.”

“She only had that job because they didn’t know where else to put her in the company.”

“He was so arrogant and really thought he was something special.”

“She was so spoiled. Daddy was always bailing her out.”

“He just used me for my connections.”

“She gained so much weight and left the laundry unfolded for days in the basket.”

“She dressed like a slob.”

“She was…

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3 thoughts on “Sociopaths, Approval and Victim Perfectionism

  1. Ness

    Wow my x when he took his new women 2 weeks after our 3 year relationship sort of ended told me she has no problem with what you and also by the way his x wife hated. Wow he was already grooming her I to submission. Although I have done the really hard yards to move on and I mean loneliness hard work restructuring my life. The experience I had with this animal still pervades my thinking. I want to be free they really affect your whole psych


  2. malia

    Carrie, I hope you are doing well and getting a good mood..
    The picture self is the explanation of how we were bugging those harmful people and when I see something like that I feel how stupid I was and I wish really nobody else will get involved with N/S. Before I was afraid thinking that he was so vulnerable that he meets a bad woman capale of destroying him. I know I was unconscious. very happy to can whrite what I feel.. Thank you Carrie for the website and for each update..


  3. Army of Angels

    Putting a little different insight from my experience today, they will debase the mother of their children in front of the children in order to have the same effect as they would with a new lover – intimidating them into trying to be “perfect”……I have watched as my 8 year old becomes so self-critical that he breaks down…it usually happens around the time he is to see the dad….actually, a lot of behaviors pop up around dad time. Connections worth exploring….



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