Another great post from Scott, who always says it the way it is. For two years I woke up every morning and thought, “I cannot do this one more day and every night I went to sleep thinking I cannot do this one more day.” Until one day someone said I was so strong and I looked back and realized I had been surviving and getting stronger day by day, sometimes hours by hour. I was doing what i thought I could never survive and I was learning and growing and getting stronger. What I thought would surely break me had given me the strength and resolve to hold my ground, even gain ground.
You can too.

“Courage is not something you have, it’s something you earn.”

the_blitzMalcolm Gladwell tells the story of the bombing of London in World War Two. The Germans called it the “blitzkrieg” or just the Blitz“In the years leading up to the Second World War, the British government was worried. If, in the event of war, the German Air Force launched a major air offensive against London, the British military command believed that there was nothing they could do to stop it. Basil Liddell Hart, one of the foremost military theorists of the day, estimated that in the first week of any German attack, London could see a quarter of a million civilian deaths and injuries. Winston Churchill described London as “the greatest target in the world, a kind of tremendous, fat, valuable cow, tied up to attract the beast of prey.” He predicted that the city would be so…

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