After Two Years of Freedom from Abuse, This is What I Want You to Know

Picking Up the Pieces

As some of you who have been following my posts for a while now already know, today, December 14,2014 marks my second year of freedom from the man who was my abuser, my tormentor, and my own personal monster.  I endured 1,551 days of verbal, emotional, physical, sexual, financial, spiritual, and digital abuse / stalking at the hands of a man, who like so many others, originally professed love for me when what he really loved was the prospects of control, domination, and subjection by force.  During those days, I was tucked away in shadow, shrouded in secrecy, and experienced and saw things that no one alive should ever know is possible to commit against another human being.  I was suffocated in darkness, slowly asphyxiated by the fear of the monster’s rage, just waiting in desperation for that day to come when he lost all semblance of control and finally…

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