Donations – PayPal Screw Up





paypalI have had a regular on the blog go to donate money and wasn’t able to. She is in the US and when she put in her country it didn’t switch to the US, the drop down where you pick what state you are in didn’t appear, instead she got a list of Canadian provinces. She tried many times apparently and still could not make a donation.

She got a hold of me via email and I have spent the last week trying to sort the problem out. I really hate automation sometimes (I know how ironic it is that I say that because without automation there would be no paypal) because they give you so many choices to pick from and none of them were the problem I was having. I got tired of battling with them in emails and broke down and phoned them. Which I most definitely did not want to do seeing as I can ill afford a higher phone bill.

Excuse me I am still so very frustrated!!

Anyway, after two phone calls and much frustration I believe the Donate button is working again. If anyone has any problems please let me know so I can fix it. I had no idea it was not working and if not for my friend Ellie I still wouldn’t know there was a problem.

Thank you Ellie for letting me know. You’re a doll!

2 thoughts on “Donations – PayPal Screw Up

  1. fee

    I haven’t had problems but sometimes it doesn’t give me an option so I pay in Canadian dollars and its frustrating as am in England and had no idea of transfer worth…and it ended up being less than I wanted to send…which Is why I sent twice lol. Ellie your just lovely and if I could do anymore I would certainly as you both deserve many good things sent your way.
    Merry Christmas ladies, big hugs me and Jacob xx


  2. luckyotter

    i’ve had my share of problems with Paypal too. My Paypal profile keeps telling me I’m only 80% done, and the little funds they are supposed to put in to activate your account never got in there, so I have no idea if my account works or not.



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