Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!



Merry Christmas Tree Wallpaper

I want to wish everyone a Christmas Day of peace and serenity, filled with friends and family,

lots of food, booze, laughs, and a light heart.

Wherever you may be in this big world I want to thank you for all your support throughout the last year and

the 4 Christmases that came before this one.

I sit here, alone, with carols playing on the radio

Stella is crunching her Christmas bone from Santa

I have peace in my heart

and tears of gratitude in my eyes.

I wish that each one of you

knows you are loved

and just how special you are.

I pray that you are all given the strength to get through the day

and know somewhere deep in your soul that better days are ahead. 

13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Helen

    Merry Christmas Carrie, we had our day yesterday as we are a day behind you. Spent time with my daughter, son and grand daughter.
    Its was a lovely day. Hope you day is a nice one.


  2. Warrior2

    Merry Christmas Carrie. Love the picture of the beautiful snow scene and tree. Shed some tears, laughed some and napped. All in all a good Christmas. Sloppy kisses for Stella. Your words help me every day. Merry Christmas to all.




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