Good Morning Miss Wiggly Bum

Every morning when I get up Stella gets up a few minutes behind me and always, always, comes out of the bedroom with one of my socks in her mouth and her bum wiggling. She whacks herself in the face with her tail she wiggles so much. She can hardly walk she wiggles so much and then she wants snuggles because I think she thinks we were apart all night and we are reuniting even though she has slept in bed with me all night.

How can a person not have a good day when it starts like this?

14 thoughts on “Good Morning Miss Wiggly Bum

    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      off the wall, thanks, lol I hate my voice. but i have to agree stella is gorgeous, just a big 90 lb hairy heart. Actually she is probably closer to 100 lbs. When she wants cuddles, she just dang well gets cuddles!


  1. Helen

    So cute, your best friend, enjoy. Happy New year to you. Its going be 41 cels tomorrow our new Years day, I suppose its snowing where you are!


  2. TV

    Hi Carrie.
    Happy to read your post again.
    Im hoping to relocate sooner than I thought.
    After calling the place I least expected to be available, I was informed that they will be screening me for entry into the safe house . It seems a bed is opening up in the AM. I do love the snow…
    Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways..
    I hope all of you are well on this blog. You are thought of everyday…all of you.



    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      TV, I am happy to hear you have a chance of getting into a safe house, keep us informed. yes, once the N is out of your life there is room for good things to enter. It seems God waits until we are free of the N to bless us, after all why would he help us stay with someone so bad for us?
      Stay in touch, the new year starts tonight as does your new life.


  3. Helen

    I know I came on here a few weeks ago talking about Narcissistic ex wife.

    I have taken note all what you all have said. I have excepted that maybe I have been denial of the guy I have been seeing. So what I have done is sit back, reflect on my self, him and her.
    Now my question on here, narcissistic people have no idea that they are and don’t accept, i have read this.
    So when I showed him an article about N I never said anything about him just her. He said hey a lot of things on here are like me, which they are. But he added other things that I have seen my self that shows he is in part. I have accepted that. He had admitted N people don’t thats correct right?
    My issue is his ex…she thinks she is not and she turned it back on him.
    She is nice infront of others but alone criticizes and blames him for everything even if she was the one who did something.
    She has trouble working with others. She has quite her job twice now and wants to leave this one because of other people. She gets depressed so she shops to make her self feel better.
    She shows no empathy to anything or any one.
    Now us as in he and I.
    She still keeps contacting him even after he told her not to only if it is an emergency. She has been told about me, and told we wont work out wont last and he will come back to her.
    She has turned up at his house knowing full well it would cause friction between him and I (which it did a little but know thats what she wanted)
    Her latest has been wanting to spend christmas with him because she will on her own and he said no.
    She asks for things that are in the house she wants him to bring over (there is nothing) but she is able to talk to him and while she does she is twisting things in his mind.
    She went way for xmas and only saw her 2 of her 5 children for only 4 hours ( she text that to him) next day she said she is depressed and has spent a lot of money and all this is his fault (text again) he replied to her and said it will get better.
    The other night she phoned just to say hi ( he told her this is not on) his son was there and he grabbed the phone and spoke to her for half an hour. he has a mental condition.
    My guy had a gut feeling she was filling his head full rubbish but never said anything to him.
    But a couple of days later he spoke to his son about her and me so he will have an understanding whats is going on and BANG the son was cross with him and told him that she said…we are not going to last…you dad will be chasing younger women….things about me….and that he believed all what she said….he said she was nice…remember his mind is not working to well and he has forgotten how she treated him and his sister. She brain washed him and I reckon she has done the same to my guy, because he feels sorry for her and doesn’t want to be nasty to her. She is getting over the divorce she needs closure. When I talk to him about this he says I am unkind towards her.
    I have told him not to answer her calls or text and if he is caught unawares just hang up on her just be cold because every time he talks to her she is enjoying it. I told him she has told him we wont last so why speak to her.
    So ladies we hear so much about men being N what about women?
    This woman? I am not imagining it am I. I have read so much and its all about me very little about women.
    I am not interested in my guy, he might be N but I know he has a weakness from listening to her over the years…because he use to believe everything she said…. Now his son has been upset by her he will never let him speak to her again.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Helen, I say right on the sidebar and in many of my posts that there are female narcissists. Not as many women as men but for sure there are female N’s. I remember you discussing this before and I and I believe Ellie suggested that it is your man that is the narcissist and I still feel that could be a possibility but what I see from what you have said is; you are blaming his ex when it is him in control. He is either spineless or he is leading you on. Sorry that is the way I see it. You want to blame his ex but he is the one feeding you all this info, why? why does he want to upset you? why does he take her calls? why does he let her sleep over? Sorry I am not going to tell you it is all the ex’s fault. This man has issues, whether he is an N or not he is being controlled by one and you are being played.
      It is time you gave this guy an ultimatum and stuck to it. Me or her. period. and if he can’t choose you, you need to walk away because it is never going to be any different. That is just my opinion.



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