Come Back To Bed And Cuddle

This is the last video of Stella for a while, promise. I just had to share this because I thought it was so sweet and dang it I think she is so sweet, she makes my world so much brighter because she has such a loving heart and touche my heart every day. I have been waking up early lately and this morning was awake at shortly after 5. I was making my morning coffee when I saw her out of the corner of my eye. I expected she was doing her usual wiggly bum routine but then I noticed she had a mouthful of socks, so I grabbed my phone and started taping to see what she wanted. When I went to get the phone she put the socks down but as soon as she had my attention again she picked them up. This is what she was wanting.


10 thoughts on “Come Back To Bed And Cuddle

    1. Paula, I am so thankful to have her. She can be a pain some times and a lot of work but so much love, all the time. I know I would be lonely without her. I went home early on New years to bring in the year just her and I.


  1. Its ironic… I am in the position of needing an extra part time job to make ends meet herr right now…. despite my professional background I am hoping to take a position as a van driver doing pick up for doggy day care. I have no desire to spend more time in an office, or even around people. Picking up people’s closest friends and delivering them safely to their destination sounds just like what I wnt!


    1. Silly Me, do what you love! I hated being stuck in an office and did it for most of my career, either banking or office management and then I got a truck and hauled scrap metal of all things and I loved it! Even in the rain I would rather be outside than locked in an office all day. Go for it!!


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