Unashamed Voices – By Paula Carrasquillo



My blogging friend Paula, another survivor of abuse has compiled the true stories of other survivors of abuse and put them into a book. Here is the link to a free PDF download of the book  Unashamed Voices , all you have to do is review it once you have read it.




6 thoughts on “Unashamed Voices – By Paula Carrasquillo

  1. ellie2013

    I already recieved my copy the other day. It is well worth reading and reviewing. So many stories, different yet the same. She did an amazing job of complying them.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      awww Lou thanks for sharing that. What a wonderful way for them to be born, so peacefully and wrapped in each others arms. So sweet. Amazing video, it just leaves a person with the warm fuzzies and for some reason makes me feel like “all is good in the world, there is hope for humanity”


  2. Elisabeth

    I was wondering after reading some stories from the book from Paula. What more can you do? Only leaving and stay on No Contact? Tell the whole world about his behavior? Go to a lawyer because at least you have PSTD and it cost you a lot of money to go to a psychologist, if you find anyone good. The costs you made to start all over again. The money you lost during the relationship. The suffering you had from the emotional abuse. Mine was very clever not to use psychical abuse. Sometimes he said, you want me to do it, but I don’t otherwise you would go to the police.
    But sometimes I am breaking my head about this question. Love Elisabeth.


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Elizabeth, all any victim can do is look after themselves as best they can. Most are left penniless and it isn’t possible or worth it to them to fight for their fair share. In most cases it is best to run and never look back because to fight for what is rightfully yours means a on slot of character assassination from the N.
      I hope that victims of abuse tell their story and don;t keep the “dirty secret”, that has been the abusers biggest weapon, the silence of the victim. Even if you don’t “out” your abuser persay, but to speak out about the abuse so other victims are not alone and feeling crazy. Not everyone can speak out either. It is a personal thing, some people can’t talk about it.
      Trying to prove he owes you money for PTSD is very difficult. I hope some day there is some recourse for women and men drained dry by an N but first we have to get society to accept the abuse even happens and that takes telling out story.



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