His Beautifully Fatal Mistake – Trigger Warning

I have to share this story of rising from the ashes and rebirth. A glowing example of strength, you never know how strong you are until you test it. Break the silence and let the shame and blame land where it belongs; on the abuser. it never was your to pack. I pray 2015 is the year women unite and are silent no more.

Picking Up the Pieces

We all undergo some massive shifts of change in our lives.  Some are the result of choices we make deliberately and others occur against our will.  About four and a half years ago, I left a job that provided me with the ideal circumstances.  I was able to interact with countless numbers of people from all walks of life on a daily basis.  The schedule was varied, and although my hours could skyrocket during certain seasons, I never felt locked in.  I liked the company I worked for, the majority of the people I worked with, and my manager was someone I had known since almost the beginning of my years in retail.

In June 2010, I found myself in the middle of an abusive relationship with a man who was bound and determined to get me out of the area.  I was offered a job for a company in the…

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