I have a huge post but no time

Just a quick message to everyone. I have been so busy the past few days. I was redoing my resume for a job I want SO badly and today I have a side job I have to run to.

I will be answering comments later tonight and I will do a post bringing everyone up to date, to a degree; I am very cautious about saying to many details on here because I know the wospos still lurks and I don’t trust that he won’t try to sabotage any new job I get so I have to watch what I say. But I am busting to tell. It is the perfect job for me so I need positive thoughts sent my way.

Talk to you all soon. Sending love and hugs out to you all.

6 thoughts on “I have a huge post but no time

  1. Rebecca

    Sending as much positive energy to you as I can carrie , from what I’ve read on your blog so far , you deserve the very best , especially given all the time you have given to us all here 🙂 x



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