I Need You Now – When You Feel You Can’t Go On

I found this lovely video done by Tina and Paul the couple who does the signing to music and thought it might be what some of you need today.

I know there is a period of about 2 years where I got up every morning and thought, “I can not do this one more day.” and every evening I would think “OK I made it through today, I can make it through until morning.” It went like that for so long I don’t remember exactly how long it was and then one day I realized I had made it through the worst.

I look back and I don’t know how I made it through, the people on the blog who encouraged me to hang in there, and people I met throughout the day, something always happened to get me through the day. People came into my life at the exact moment I needed them. Were they sent by God? I believe God sends people to help us get through the tough times. There was a time I lost all faith in God but he never lost faith in me.

Here is Tina and Paul’s video

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