So Excited About My New Discovery

As some of you may know, I don’t have TV and listen to the radio instead, CBC radio to be exact. I learn a lot from the radio and this morning caught the tail end of an interview with a woman from a company called The Mudgirls. I am so excited about what they are doing. Below is a little blurb from their blog.


We are a network of women builders on the west coast of BC, 
Canada. Specializing in using local, natural and recycled 
materials, we can be hired to build with you or for you, to 
create whatever your heart desires. We are experienced in 
building everything from cob cabins, ovens and benches to 
installing natural insulation, earthen floors and wall 
plasters in any style of home

The Mudgirls live and work in Vancouver, Nanaimo, 
Saltspring Island, Cumberland, Denman Island, Lasqueti Island 
and other places around Vancouver Island. We can be hired as a crew or to facilitate work parties, to build whatever you want.


I think this is just wonderful! Women empowering women! and working together to create homes for themselves and teaching other women as they go. The whole concept is so totally “right”, right for the women and children, right for the environment, right financially, right for building self-esteem and empowering women. 

The place where I applied for a job has a “vision” page where they talk about their vision for the future, 2026 to be exact where their non-profit is responsible for communities where women live safely and contribute to the local economy, have communal gardens etc. This idea fits in totally with their vision. I am going to pass along the information to them when I do finally meet with them. BTW I didn’t get a call for an interview and was told they were calling at the end of last week so doubt I will even get an interview, but I am not terribly surprised without the education behind me.

I have been researching Tiny Houses for a few years and seeing as I will eventually have to get out of my little cabin, think it could be a viable option for Stella and me. I can see a community of Tiny Houses, Cobb Houses, communal gardens, women who are self-supporting, in a self-sustaining community. I am not the type of person who could ever live in a “commune”, to be perfectly honest I have done my time raising kids and cooking huge meals for hoards of people, I like my privacy and I don’t like everyone knowing my business (yet have a blog, I know kind of contradiction). I don’t want to live in a “no men allowed” community and I am not a feminist in the “all men are scum” kinda way. I love men and I think there are wonderful men out there looking for a wonderful woman and I would want to be very careful about any community I joined to make sure it fit my belief standards.

I will be posting more on my Tiny House idea but wanted to just share this site. I know there are women from the west coast of BC who come to this site and who knows, it might be something one of them would be interested in.

None the less, I think it is a fantastic idea and it would be great if everyone here paid them a visit and give them a shock when their hits jump 1500-2000 in a day. hehe So please pop over, check them out and give them a “way to go”.

Have a great Sunday all!!









6 thoughts on “So Excited About My New Discovery

  1. Army of Angels

    I love the tiny houses…and women helping each other! I am trying to get my parents to buy in to the idea of a tiny house in my yard…if they won’t live in, I might, and give them the big house!


    1. Carrie Reimer Post author

      Army of Angels, I have been researching them for a long time now and I am getting quite excited at the thought of having one. It would certainly solved a lot of problems in my life, no more worries about rent, where I live, if I find work elsewhere I just haul my Tiny House where ever I want. My place is tiny now with no storage, but it is poorly planned, 150 sq ft of well planned space would be just as livable if not more so than where I am. Plus I would be off the grid if I wanted. No more hydro bills, just find a farmer or someone who will let me pay them a couple hundred a month to park on a patch of grass. It is a much bigger thing in the states, not many people doing it up here in Canada.



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