Justice is Served

I am still crying from watching this video. I want to hug this judge. It’s over 17 minutes long but believe me it is well worth taking the time to watch it here. Again, more proof that you never know what these toxic evil people are capable of.


13 thoughts on “Justice is Served

  1. paula

    Justice is served : I live in Wayne County Michigan and followed that trial. Judge Evans was eloquent in her delivery and extremely knowledgeable about narcissism and the predatory nature of these people, She stood him up and gave him hell. I am so proud of women like her and applaud her courage and wisdom that is not found in classroom textbooks but through discernment coming from living a good life and having a relationship with God. I feel the same about you, Carrie. We all need to stand up and give them hell!

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  2. Sharon Greene

    Wow! What a video! He got what he deserved although he clearly believes in his own innocence.

    As a single Mom, the comments at the beginning were disturbing to me. Hopefully I am not doing to my son what she said his mother did to him. I am a fixer and enabler too and while I have not noticed any narcissistic tendencies in my own son, it’s a slippery slope, particularly when there are no strong male role models in his life. Do I know how to properly raise a man?? Oh God, I sure hope so.


  3. Mark

    A true description of a narc. If you noticed, he had no supporters, no one crying, Sentenced to four separate counts, and one life sentence without the possibility of parole means he’ll never get out and die in prison. Ironically, his wife’s life actually stopped this evil and hideous man from ever hurting anyone again.

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  4. Stronger01

    Wow. Watching him after the sentence was read just shows his level of self-importantance. He seems to have no emotion, casually taking out his eye glasses, signing papers, putting his eye glasses away, making the deputies wait as he slowly rises from his chair and smooths his suit. It’s great that justice was served but it sucks someone had to die. What is going on that people can’t just get divorced and move on.


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  6. Stronger01

    I’m listening to the news on the radio and they just broke a story of a man killing his wife. Seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON????


  7. marrohop

    OMG – was truly tranfixed watching this clip……..what a wise woman this Judge is….Wish they’re were others like her – sadly few from what I have experienced. They don’nt understand the mind of a phyco and don’nt want to know. Just the legually of the case. Discusting, these judges just have a course in the mind of phcyo/sociapath people and understand how they work? They have decisions on a very important stage of your life. They don’nt know you, and how you have been damaged by these devils? How to put your case over to them is impossble to tell them……



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