Controlling the Story

Grace for my Heart

It’s Narcissist Friday!  

I was one who simply hated the ending of “Lost,” one of the most popular television shows in recent years. I thought it was contrived and disingenuous and, frankly, just dumb. Many viewers felt betrayed by the ending. But I wasn’t writing the show, was I? No, the ones who controlled the story made the decision and there was little any of the rest of us could do.

One famous mystery writer is known for introducing the perpetrator of the crime late in the book, so you don’t have any reason to wonder about the other characters. The readers feel tricked by the last minute introduction. That’s just the way he writes and my only recourse is not to read his books. He controls the story.

The one who controls the story leads the reader/listener around by a hook in the nose showing only what he wants…

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2 thoughts on “Controlling the Story

  1. Cherrel Romczuk

    my ex is one. I have no one and have become dependant on him. everything fits to a r but he has successfully made others believe I am the narcissist. His now fiance has been smug and liked rubbing in their relationship on Twitter. Then they both convinced everyone I was stalking her. She was stalking me and finding ways to upset me. He helped me through cancer treatments but I have nothing and I am not on my feet. I had bad luck with finding suitable employment since moving from one side of Canada all the way to Ontario. Recently he rubbed the whole “I have the ring” in my face. He told me no contact, yet when I stop for any more than a few days, he finds a reason to text me. then he threatened to charge me with harassment if I tried to stay in touch. He has also told me he never loved me yet tells me he thinks of me and then encourages a conversation on what he has led me to believe is hope he may be changing his mind and coming back. Then he slams it down my throat he loves this other woman. I feel sorry for her because she has never had a serious relationship so she is completely oblivious to his. He is marrying her after only a year and 5 months. I hope she figures him out.


  2. Mark

    Hi Cherrel,

    I’m sorry you’re going through so much. Everyone here shares the same story in some form or another, so you’re not alone. Please keep coming back to vent or for support, study as much as you need to, and my best advice is NO contact. This includes media and social websites. Block him and change your number, or I can assure you it will only get worse.

    I’ve gone almost 60 days with no contact. Her most recent abuse was abuse by proxy. Look this up if you need because I think this is what he’s doing to you as well. It honestly set me back quite a bit in my recovery. The ONLY way to stop their abuse is going NO contact. I assure you he will continue to poison you and your life if you allow it. Please be safe, gentle with yourself, and stay as far out of reach as possible from him.

    ((*Holy Hugs*))



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